Solemn Feast




Tuesday, March 28, 1972, at 4:35 a.m.

Here’s The Tuesday of Holy Week 1972.

My husband was out for work at 4:30 in the morning. As the day before and in the preceding days, I got up, i went down to close the door that came out; I went up again, opened the window. The sky was covered by dense clouds that flowed rapidly from northwest to southeast. There was a great wind. He looked at the sky, at the dense clouds that flowed. I’d get ready to pray prayer to the Holy Trinity. I hadn’t uttered the first word yet. Suddenly, I saw in the distance, on the horizon, a dazzling clarity. It illuminated the entire horizon as when there is lightning during a storm. But such clarity remained, while the lightning lasts only a second.

I was scared. I pulled over the window and went back to bed. I covered my face so I wouldn’t see anything. After about eight to 10 minutes, I got up on my bed. There was no more clarity in the window. Then I got up and went back to the window, there was absolutely nothing.

Shortly thereafter, again, I saw something that formed in Heaven, in the place where I had just seen that clarity. Everything was formed in the same instant, here’s how:

The base, the arms, the high, formed together, slowly, gathered in the middle of the Cross.

When this Cross was made, it was immense, wonderful, brighter than the day, very simple, very straight. It was impressive, but wonderfully beautiful, sweet to look at, and yet it had a fascinating clarity.

Oh! How beautiful it was on the small hill (Haut-but) in front of the house, on Tuesday March 28 between 4:30 and 4:50 in the morning! There was only the Cross. Christ wasn’t there. After a few seconds, I heard these 3 words:


These 3 words echoed as inside a church. They resounded, they were sonic. It seemed to me that they were directed at the whole world and that our globe would have trembled to the sound of that grave voice.

This immense Cross and this grave voice in the middle of the night were impressive. So I made the sign of the cross. The wonderful Cross was present before me, immense and beautiful. Oh! How beautiful it was with its luminosity! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and bright.

I heard someone who was talking next to me. That voice was so sweet; be some on this earth never spoke to me so slowly, so sweetly. I thought it was Jesus. Heard:

“You will make this Cross known and bear it”

Again a few more seconds and everything suddenly disappeared.

(1)”Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee, enemy power” (SL 67)

FRIDAY, 28 MARCH 1975 – in the parish church of Dozulé

I’ll be back at the church at night at 8:30. There were about 50 people gathered inside the church to participate in the celebration of the Passion. Suddenly, from my place, I see the Light, as it appears before each apparition, not in the tabernacle of the high altar, but at the bottom of the church – where the Eucharist is located this Holy Friday- in another tabernacle.

The Lord presented himself as usual, his hands outstretched to me. I knelt down, and he said to me:

“Say this to them (what I repeated aloud): Know that Jesus of Nazareth triumphed from death, that His Kingdom is eternal, and that He comes to overcome the world and time”

I experienced great joy; he felt that the Lord had dominated the earth. It seemed to me that it came in power and glory, for the ball that was beneath his feet was the earth. Then he told me these words that I repeated loudly:

It is by the Glorious Cross, which Magdalene saw on this day three years ago, it is by the Glorious Cross, which is the sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved. Jesus who is in our presence at this moment asks you to follow everyone in procession to the place where the glorious Cross appeared. Go there and repent, where you will find peace and joy. Jesus asks that every year there be celebrated a solemn feast on this day.”

“Notum fecit Dominus a Magdalena Salutare Suum

Translation: “The Lord made known by Magdalene His salvation”


Tuesday, 11 March 1997


Lord, I hear you with all my heart.


Listen, My daughter, you will soon all be gathered together, as I promised you. Soon the rivers themselves will sing My Joy. My beloved, believe in this Happiness; wait for all of you on My next Return, very close because the Lord is, like you, impatient to strengthen you to His Sacred Heart.

YES, a tumor is in the process of bursting and it still hurts, but it can no longer resist, because soon all evil will be driven away from Earth. The whole earth will be healed forever. What happiness to see everything reflourish by the Purity of God, all reborn by the Love of the Most High.

Hosanna! God comes once more. The palms shake. They all scream:

“Hossana to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord. Glory to God in the highest of heaven!”

The king will come to His New Jerusalem, not already mounted on a donkey, but announced by His Cross of Glory, which will illuminate all the heavens and the earth, which will also benefit from His Divine Light.

I see you all active as a hive, all working for the same construction; the swarm is united and you all already prepare in your hearts the Coming of the Kingdom of God. Behold, you have already united your work, gather all your strength and your knowledge, so that from now on the firstfruits of the New Life may appear in God.

O Cross erected in the world! Sing together, all united, the Hymn to God of Mercy and Love, because He comes, Our Beloved, to tell you that the Time that separated us from Him was a Time of Bitterness, like the herbs that the Israelites ate at the feast of Yahweh, in memory of the Salvation brought by God to His People, in the first month that was called Abib or Nissân.

This People, who celebrated the departure of Egypt on the 14th of that month, when they ate standing this month, which will be the first month of the year for the Jewish People – and for us – that same day that God, Our Father, chose to bring us out, too, of the slavery of sin, by the Holy Glorious Cross, appeared to Magdalene , on March 28, 1972, which is also the 14th Nissân of our century.

Yes, your bread is unleavened. Yes, the lamb is without his blood, but it comes to mark you on the foreheads and no drop will be wasted, because The Jewish Passover is a memorable Sign for all generations and you will celebrate yourselves!

To Moses, God says, “It is a perpetual decree.”

God says in Dozulé: “Go all in procession to the region in which the Glorious Cross appeared; go and repent there: there you will find Peace and Joy there. JESUS asks that a solemn Feast be celebrated there every year on 28 March.

“Notum fecit Dominus a Magdalena Salutare Suum,

what it means: “The Lord made known by Magdalene His salvation;

it was in the Church of Dozulé, Good Friday, 28 March 1975, of the Holy Year 1975.

Behold, My daughter, what I ask you to repeat to My People, he who, today, continues to cross the arid wilderness. The Jewish People, led by Moses, took forty years to find the Promised Land. And you have multiplied by 50 this Time of bitterness: and behold, you are now approaching, after two thousand years spent in the wilderness, in which you have even lost your name as children of God!… Will you now raise up your tents and cross the last river that still apart from Me?

People of God, I myself will make you cross the Jordan and bring down the walls of Jerico.

Today, it will be through My Cross that you will pass to the other shore and that the walls will fall…

and that men shall gather among themselves, to come, all gathered together, to My Holy Glorious Cross, in which I await you. Amen.
I am the Resurrection and the Life, Amen.

“He who helps a work of evangelization has the merits of an evangelizer”

(Pope St. Paul VI)


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