"You will make this cross known and carry it"

Jesus to Magdalene Aumont, 03/28/1972

A Message of Hope

Jesus said in Dozulé,
"Do not be afraid. I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man".

À Madalena Aumont:

Translation: "O Magdalene, what a happy luck made you wife! Proclaim the wonders that have called you from darkness to His admirable light."

Father L'Horset, parish priest of Dozulé and witness to the apparitions:

"This apparition and this message contains in substance the whole Message of Dozulé. It's the Easter Message. It is a question of moving from the darkness of unbelief, to the admirable light of faith, to preparing to pass from the darkness of this world to the endless Light, when Christ returns in Glory."

As Jesus says in the Gospel: "Th
is is the victory that overcomes the world, faith."

The Message of Christ in Dozulé during the period from 1970 to 1978, considering the mystical experience with the Eucharist of Magdalene Aumont, brings a content of God's Love to man, which is in a great storm, but the Risen Jesus is on the Boat of the Church and the life of each one, waiting for our manifestation of faith. Moreover, it is a Message addressed to the Universal Catholic Church, preparing it for its triumph, as it tells us in Revelation: The Marriage of the Church (Wife without wrinkle and without blemishes), with the Spouse (Risen Jesus), where he will form the Heavenly Jerusalem(7/7/1978: Forty-eighth appearance).


This work of evangelization is dedicated to St Joseph, to whom we invoke:

"Glorious St Joseph, full of confidence in your goodness and in your patronage, we implore your protection and the work we recommend to you, if the happy result is for the glory of God and the salvation of souls." Amen.

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"He who helps a wor
k of evangelization
has deevangel
izing merits"

(Pope St. Paul VI)

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