Dozulé and the Great Evangelization


Friday, April 11, 1975, 3 p.m.

At 3:00 p.m., I was in the chapel to worship the Lord and put on a candle. I was alone. The Light appeared to me, and suddenly the Lord presented himself as usual, his hands outstretched to me. He smiled at me and said to me:

“Say to the priest, “I wish the world to know the message. Priests must speak openly and without fear, for nothing should be hidden from what must be unveiled.”

Jesus smiled at me and disappeared


Friday, July 4, 1975, 3:15 p.m.

The parish priest had just announced a third dozen. Suddenly the light comes out, Jesus looks at me, then sister Joan of Arc and says to me:

Say this out loud:

Here’s what the religious should write:

This letter is addressed to the Head of the Church. It is Jesus of Nazareth who dictates it to you by the mouth of His handwoman. He says:

“Blessed are the calls of My Father who have found peace and joy in this land of Dozulé, but how great will their numbers be when the world comes to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which I ask you to do to raise. Indeed, it is no longer a time when I was resurrecting the bodies, but the time has come when I must resurrect the spirits. Understand this well: The days before the flood, people were not suspicious of anything until the arrival of the flood that led them all.

Today, however, you are warned; you live the time when I told you:

“There will be disturbances of all species on this earth; the iniquity that is the cause of misery and hunger; the nations will be in anguish; phenomena and signs in heaven and on earth. “

Thus be prepared, for the great tribulation is near, just as there was no similar from the beginning of the world until that day, and as there will never be again.

I tell you, this young generation will not pass before this happens.

But behold, for behold, the Sign of the Son of Man rises in heaven, which Magdalene saw shining from east to west.

You, Heads of The Churches, i say to you, it is by this Cross erected upon the world that nations will be saved. My Father sent Me to save you and the time has come when I must pour out my mercy into human hearts.”

Jesus told me with a lower voice, which explains why I did not repeat it out loud:

“My Message should not sleep in the shadow of a drawer, but it must be Truth and Light for the whole world”

Again, then, aloud:

This Glorious Cross must be erected for the end of the Holy Year. This Holy Year must extend until the elevation of the Glorious Cross. So ends My Message. I order you to give it to the Head of the Church yourself, accompanied by a superior.”

Jesus then disappears.

Sister Joan of Arc noted the message as Jesus had asked her. He dictated it so slowly that she had all the time to write it. She waits for the bishop to give you the order, to deliver it to the Holy Father.*

After a week of hesitation, Don Badré forbade Sister Joan of Arc to go to Rome.


Friday, September 19, 1975

Today blon’s mother superior and Sister Joana Darc are due to meet the bishop at 4 p.m.

I walked in the chapel like every Friday when I meet Sister Margaret who said to me:

“The meeting with the Bishop is at 16 o’clock”

I left then to return at 4 pm and pray a third for the meeting.

After this ten, which Jesus let me finish, I saw the light in the tabernacle, without anyone appearing to me. I heard a voice that said to me:

“Tell the priest, the nuns and the two people who know the message to come here at 5:30 p.m.”

The light then disappears.

I’ll be back in the chapel at 5:30 p.m.; then there are the three Sisters, the Priest and two people, who know the message and were chosen by the Sisters. At the appointed time, the light appears and then Jesus presents himself, with his hands outstretched to me.He raises his right hand as to bless me, with the highest index and largest fingers, and says:

“Peace be with you. Make the sign of the cross”

I’m going to do it. Jesus then crosses his hands at the height of his breast, lifts his gaze, grave and sad, to heaven, and says:

“Father, may thy will be done upon this land”

His gaze was overcome with great sorrow; stood like this a moment, then resumed his normal position and said to me:

“Say this aloud” (In this Jesus looks at the assembly. I repeat every sentence he tells Me):

“You priests and religious in charge of the message do not let humanity run for its doom. I have asked you to work to raise the Glorious Cross. Don’t you see that the time has come in the face of the phenomena that happen?

For time runs and My message is in the shade.

If so, the number of saved will be small.

But you who do not carry out the word of My Father, your punishment will be great. Indeed, it is by the number of saved that you will be judged. Do not use the medium of wisdom and reflection(1), but I have heard the folly of the message.

Indeed, it is for this Message that God is sure to save the world.

Do not be like the Jews who asked for signs.

But for this one and definitive Message, which God revealed his hand-made – the words that have come out of his mouth are not human words — but by what the Spirit revealed to him, the moment has come when I must pour out my Mercy into human hearts, but see well those who have the responsibility of the message, who are the ones who prevent Me , because they leave the world in ignorance.

Remember, the days will be abbreviated because of the elect, but there of those who do not keep the word of God!”

Then Jesus said to me:

Take off your shoes, leave the chapel and go as far as your feet touch the ground. Then come back here.”

I do what Jesus asks me to do. When I saw myself kneeling before Him, he said to me:

“This land of Dozulé, which My Father blessed and consecrated, nor are we worthy to pise it(2)”

Then Jesus resumes his radiant countenance of goodness and sweetness; smiles at me and says these words that I repeat aloud:

“I am the God of goodness and love. My mercy is infinite. If today My Words are cruel, it is not to condemn you, but on the contrary, I intend to save the world by My Message.”

Jesus then disappears. At the same time, at the same time, the bishop asked for miraculous signs and demanded “wisdom and reflection” from the two Sisters. Jesus answered Dozulé with sadness.

  1. Folly of the Cross and wisdom of the world(1 Cor 1:18-25): “Praise God for the folly of preaching to save those who believe”

“The Jews ask for signs” (1 Cor 1:22)

  1. Although the Son of God, Jesus employs the “we” of humility, resembling men as in the Our Father.


Friday, December 5, 1975 at 6:45 PM

It was almost time for worship. The little chapel was full. Despite the numerous assembly, my joy is so great when I see the Light, that I do not hold back from shouting, “Behold the light”

I stood up and stood before the most holy. Immediately, Jesus appears to me, smiling, with his hands outstretched to me as to welcome me.

It’s so beautiful, what an inexpressible sweetness! I see nothing but Jesus of love. I’m not in the chapel anymore, nothing else exists, I don’t think about anything else, I don’t feel my body anymore; I think he is dead, that there is nothing but my spirit united with the spirit of Jesus. When you’re dead, I think that’s what you feel.

Jesus says to me:

“Say out loud what you’re going to see”

In this he takes His hand to your chest. I must explain what I will see, for Jesus asks me. So I say it out loud:

“With His left hand, Jesus diverts His tunic from his chest…. (Jesus smiles at me and says, “From His Heart”; then I return aloud:) “From His Heart, red and white rays are. Your right hand is directed at us.”

I repeat every sentence he dictates to me with great sweetness:

“The flames of My Heart burn Me. More than ever, I want to direct them to each of you. Here’s what I promise the whole of humanity when I know My Message and put it into practice:

I will sweeten the bitterness in which the souls of sinners drown.

-I will fill with graces the priestly and religious souls, for it is for them that My Message must be known.

-I will keep near my heart the godly souls of the faithful; they have comforted Me on the way to Calvary.

I will pour out the rays of My Grace, the moment you know My Message, about the pagans and all those who do not yet know Me.

I will draw into the Unity of the Church the souls of heretics and apostates.

I will receive in the Abode of My Heart the children and the humble souls, so that they may keep a special affection for Our Father of Heaven.

-I will give thanks of all kinds to those who, knowing My Message, to endure to the end.

-I will relieve the souls of Purgatory, My Blood will extinguish your burns.

-I will rewarm hardened hearts, indifferent souls, those that most deeply hurt My Heart.

-I promise all those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, and who say every day the prayer I have taught them,

that in this life Satan will no longer have power over them, and that for all a time of filth, in an instant, they will become pure and be children of God for eternity.

My Father, whose goodness is infinite, wants to save humanity that is on the edge of the abyss. With this Last Message, you must be prepared. Know that it will be the moment when you will no longer believe that the Message will be fulfilled, for you know neither the day nor the time when I will return in Glory.”


Friday, 1 July 1977

The priest had gone to Caen (or Bayeux) to see the bishop. Sister Bruno had also been absent. I was just with Mrs. T. at that moment, in the chapel.

A snare and the archangel Michael presents himself, to the left of the Most Holy; I kneel before him, but he makes me a sign with his left hand, which is free, to approach the Most Holy.

I withdraw then, and the moment I kneel before the Most Holy, this one projects red and white rays, without me seeing. Jesus is there in truth, for I feel impregnated with his rays.

The archangel says to me:

“I salute you.”

He greets me with his head and says to me:

“Godly fiery daughter of charity, God has established in His Church, first the Apostles, according to the prophets, and third the doctors, and any other he chooses. But you, in this world today, apostle and prophet, have acted with each one according to your heart; The Comforter guides you. God made known what should happen tomorrow at dawn, bearing witness to what you have seen, heard, and touched of Jesus Christ.

Ai of the world, however, because of the daring priests who fight and refuse. God is anger against this refusal of obedience and his anger is cruel.

But Jesus the Sweet the Wise, His love is so great for men, that he wants to save them after all, for this generation is the most hypocritical and the worst, but because of the inactive priests, and because the day has come when God must judge the world, he gives His Grace to all those who listen to him and proclaim so-blessed those who make his Message known and put into practice.

But you, Magdalene, who had the task of transmitting it to the priest, listen to him and correspond to him. Stay in the peace that Jesus has given you; meditate in your hearts and pray, pray, for Jesus weeps over the degradation of His Church”

The archangel disappears; then the rays that surrounded the Most Holy.

Note: five years earlier, on December 21, 1972, Magdalene had heard during the Sixth apparition: “You would have the kindness to say to the Curia that the priest should not leave his parish before fulfilling the task that is asked of him.”

On July 1, 1977, the bishop transferred the parish priest from Dozulé to Pont-Farcy, 90 km away, to stop- he imagined- the course of events. Now, the most important apparitions took place in 1978, after the priest’s departure. It must be stressed that the priest’s car stopped working going to the Curia, as well as that of the religious who were helped. Father Queudeville replaced him and denied the apparitions, which he never attended.


Friday, October 5, 1973 7:00 pm

The Lord appeared in the place of the Most Holy exposed, as last time. I saw neither the altar nor the Most Holy; the Light had occupied the place.

Jesus appears to me very close to me, a little over-elevated. Your feet are propped up on a flat stone and next to this stone there are some gravels. His right foot is advanced and discovered almost to the ankle; his left foot is hidden by his tunic; I see only the end. His tunic, of a resplendent whiteness, is held at the waist by a cord; the opening to the neck is rounded and furrowed, but the neck is a little free. The sleeves are quite wide, like those of an alva; apparently, there is no opening to dress her up.

Rather long hair sits on his shoulders, His hands and His Face are very luminous – indeed the Lord said: “Your hands and your face shine like the sun”, it is exactly that – everything is wonderful.

His gaze is love and kindness, a phrase that I emphasize of Jesus himself; He himself said it to me.

He smiled at me, his hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. I did the genuflection, i saluted, then i knelt down, i made the sign of the cross.

Jesus was silent for a moment. I was thus admiring such wonder; I was hoping you’d tell me something. After a few moments, He said to me:

“Tell the people present here to pray with you the prayer I have taught them, followed by a dozen of the rosary”

I transmitted the message. Like the first time, the Lord dictated to me prayer very slowly, looking at me; i repeated each sentence after Him:

– Pity, my God, for those who blaspheme you. Forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.

– Pity, my God, for the scandal of the world. Deliver them from the Spirit of Satan.

– Pity, my God, for those who flee from you. Give them the taste of the Holy Eucharist.

Jesus stops for a moment and says to me:

“He who does the will of my Father and eats this bread will live eternally in this Light”

He then resumed:

“Mercy, my God, for those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross. May there find peace and joy in God our Savior.

-Mercy, my God, that thy kingdom may come, but save them, that is still time – for time is near and behold, I come. Amen. Come Lord Jesus

Then Jesus prayed with me to tens of the rosary. We said it together, very slowly; I waited for every “hail Mary” to start over with Him. It was so moving to pray the rosary with Jesus! I’ve never prayed it so slow ly in my life.

At the end of the tens of the third, He said to me:

“Lord, pour out upon the whole world the treasures of your infinite mercy”

I do not believe I have repeated this phrase, absorbed by the wonderful presence of Jesus. would be indefinitely so admiring Him, without telling him anything, without asking him for anything. In fact, there’s nothing to ask. I’m like stuck in place. Whatever happened, even lightning, I wouldn’t hear anything, I wouldn’t move, so wonderful is such a presence.

Moreover, when Jesus is there, I no longer feel on earth; I don’t see and don’t think about anything around me. It’s a wonder of the eyes and the spirit that you can’t explain, you have to be there. No word can translate what I feel, even in the most beautiful sentences.

To all those who doubt, I can say, that there is actually another world than this one sees. And the most wonderful is what you don’t see; that you can’t imagine!

After prayer, always looking at me, Jesus said to me:

“Say this aloud:

The Glorious Cross (at that time He walked with a circular look at the assistance) raised on the High Hill should be comparable to the city of Jerusalem by its vertical dimension. Your arms must position themselves from east to west. It must be of great luminosity”

It was with a very serious air that Jesus said to me:

“So is the Sign of the Son of M

A few seconds after:

“Make dig 100 meters from the place of the Glorious Cross, toward his right arm, which will thus gush water. You will all come there to wash yourselves as a sig
n of purification”.

Then Jesus leaned over to me and said to me discreetly, without determining me to say it out loud- he only said it the Following Sunday to the Vicar:

“Always be joyful, do not be sorry about the general cataclysm of this generation, for all this must happen. But behold, the Sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven. And now the time of the nations must be fulfilled*.

Everyone will beat her in the chest. After the evangelization of the whole world, then I will return in Glory.”

Just a few moments later, Jesus looked at me. smiled at me, then disappeared.

*“Jerusalem shall be trodden by the pagans until the times of the pagans or time of the Nations are completed” (Lk 21:24)



Sunday, 18 October 1992
Saint Luke


I came to this Land of Love that My Father chose, blessed, and consecrate
d. (Dozulé).

God only aspires to the Good of those he Himself created for Love. God loves you, and for Him it is a Great Joy to know one’s love for His Creature. YOU, who love Him, and who corresponded to His Great Divine Love with your human Love, which is far from the measure of Love of the Lovely Heart, you are united to His Divine heartbeats which he sets in motion in the Universe; YOU are walking to the rhythm of Love.

Children, God associates you with His most beautiful Work, His Total Creation, which continues to live FROM God.

God asks you to associate yourselves, all, with each other, small Forces scattered throughout the world, little Souls offered to God: You are the Energy, the Fuel, the Force, all united to Heaven, to fight the Evil and degrading Forces that have entered the gear of Creation IN MARCH.

You will be this ELEMENT that drives away all this indecent dust that causes the gear that ends up being able to function normally, as God, Lord of the Universe, had commanded him in his first IMPULSE of Love.

What happens is just a lack of vigilance on the part of the bad Workers: they have missed everything, in an unbearable negligence.

Some have not yet understood anything;

others even wanted him in bad faith.

Now this offense made to God turned against themselves and against all their Brothers.

YES, humanity is in a state of ALERT because of the lack of faith, because of the lack of Love for God and your Brothers;

because of an Abuse of Power: the GUILTY Man has wanted to govern, by himself, the laws of nature, forgetting that these laws go hand in hand with God’s own laws.

Daughter, very few are aware of this MYSTERY.

God wants to repair the world with all of you who love Him.

Love will make the World in His Image: re-Creation, even more BEAUTIFUL than the First Creation.

The first Earth dies with a lack of Love.

The New Earth will be overflowing with Love, created in UNIVERSAL Love, for the Love of God Three Times Holy.

I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, and without Me you will NEVER find a solution to this masterful problem of life, to the extent that you have lost ALL Hope, Without God.

Ask Me when will the Great Evangelization undertake the world?

Man is INACTIVE, because his heart has departed from My Sacred Heart. Therefore, it remains INSENSITIVE and does not move, neither for him nor for his Brothers.

I will ATTRACT to me the pure hearts, capable of loving and making me love; able to love his Brothers, his earth, purity, beauty, to love above all the ONE who created this WORLD so PERFECT and who eventually became a COVIL for animal-man; while, for His part, God made a true Gift, the earth, to man, the Son of God.


Therefore, I myself will give you my Holy Spirit, so that you may speak to My Spirit. I will descend upon you and you will come to Me. Small Rivers of Life, you will reach My SOURCE of LIFE. I will join each other. My Word will feed you day and night, as happened with My Apostles. You will be, ONLY IN ONE DAY, THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS, so that all unbelievers may understand and SEE My Miracle of Evangelization.

I will speak for you, and they are not vain promises, what I will give to the repentant, for it will be MY OWN LIFE IN THEM. And they will, in turn, be authentic NATHANIEL, TOMÉ, SIMON, MATTHEW, Witnesses, because NO ONE can speak of God, without first having in him the BREATH of God that guides him.

You will see what I, your God, will do with this Dry and Dead Wood: the torrents will squeal my name three times Holy, the mountains will send their echo back, from one corner of the earth to the other: they will cry my name without rest.

And I’ll be in the echo that repeats itself.

I will be in the wind that carries My Name and you WILL SHOUT over the roofs THAT I WILL RETURN VERY QUICKLY, to a NewLand and transformed by My Love. Because, My Daughter, Love has a manto so broad and majestic that it will cover the world, all and never in stockings.

Daughter, you understand me better now! Evangelization will be the One to do it, through ALL that belongs to Me, because EVERYTHING obeys God.

WITH you, My Little Ones, I myself will begin what is necessary, salutary and good for all souls: the First Information.

God Is Love. Love loves you. Love cannot live without Love.


The Earth will live in My Complete Love. The Universe will plunge into the Perfect Love of Men WITH God.

Evangelizing means INFORM Understand?

Man alone, however good he may be, is unable to undertake this mission.

I am, to you, the eternal PILGRIM who leads you to the Promised Land.


Monday, 19 October 1992


I am the One who closes EVERYTHING, I am THE EVERYTHING. And NO ONE can come to the Father, without going through the Son, which he holds ALL, by the Will of the Most High.Divine Mercy gives you the most beautiful of information, SO expected, since the centuries of the centuries: God comes once again to dwell in your land God announces to you that he comes VERY QUICKLY, that His Life is already in you who love Him. God comes to fulfill the Promise made to your parents.

He’s God. He Is Love and comes back to His Creation who dies WITHOUT God.


This Divine Life, which has always increased you, you have abandoned it yourselves, trying this new and very bad experience.

My most beautiful Sarmentos, those of My Holy Church, separated from My Strain.

Whole parts of My Vineyard died, asphyxiated.

My Word, which is Life, no longer regenerates your blood and, in your veins, a dirty water circulates.


The Wood of My Holy Cross is the Strain that kept the Living Bunch of all My Being stuck in the wood. I’ve snare MADEIRO. I myself nourished the MADEIRO that held me. I myself reined in the four Branches with My Precious Blood that ran to earth.My Sacred Head has missed all the fibers of My Vitality contained in My Spirit. The Holy Spirit has landed on top of the Vertical Branch, like a fruit ripened, pierced, from all sides, by the Thorns of your sins of PRIDE.

The center of My Cross received the River of Life that springs from My Sacred Heart, to the point of embracing the heart of My Cross, passing through the four cardinal points. All my members stepped, scourged, torn, pierced by carnations, gave my cross my HOLINESS. And so My Infinite Mercy has called Me, FOR ALL OF YOU, to the Tree of Life, making me a Prisoner of My Love, letting me run from My veins, to the LAST drop, My Precious Blood. YES, My Cross, is My Vine Strain that held the Curl of Life crushed by the Love of God, IN THE PRESS OF MY Infinite Mercy.
My Cross was the first to receive the BAPTISM of BLOOD from the INNOCENT Victim of the Atoning and Propitiatory Sacrifice.

Do you see why I tell you, Daughter, that My Holy Glorious Cross is: Risen JESUS who comes AGAIN in Glory?


They will be CALLED from the four corners of the world. And they will all flow as a child called by their returning Father after a long journey. They will come into My arms, like the Prodigal Son, the healed Sick, the repentant Sinner, and the recognized Beggar. And I will not leave NO ONE without this appeal received in my heart, for I return, both to the Good and to the Wicked. AND NONE of those who have rejected Me will have EXCUSE, to the extent that I WILL FORGIVE YOU ALL: THEY will understand themselves, SUMMER, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

When God CALLS His Appeal is velvet to the ear, His Appeal is Sweetness to the Heart. And this Tenderness of God penetrates into the depths of your heart.

YES, thousands and thousands will fall to their knees.

Voices will resonate, as in a joyful feast, from all sides, because I will call in your hearts.

I will give unbeliever the Vision of My CONCRETE Love and to INFIDEL the Truth of My Cross.

ALL SUMMER, wherever you are or wherever you are, My Cross: ATTRACT Me:

ALL who hesitated,

ALL WHO disowned Me,

ALL who fought against Me, against My SIGN.

YES, I myself will be in this Sign, VISIBLE everywhere, because My Cross, I am; because I am always Present in her.

And who contemplates My Cross is, like St John: Son of My Cross, Son of MARY.

Prepare your hearts to receive the Gospel in your hearts.

Evangelizing means INFORMING, about the Love that SAVES.


Monday, 27 July 1992


It is a PROFUSION of My Grace that will descend upon you. I will first pour out My Grace into your hearts, to proclaim to you my next coming.

The Kingdom of God descends among you. Enlightened from within, your hearts will see God in all His Glory; wherever you are or that I am, in Truth YOU yourselves will see Me. And this will be seen, near or far, because God does not make those who love Him run; God always comes to meet His Son who seeks Him.

Therefore, why try to know how you will see Me, ONCE GOD WILL SEE HIMSELF, even by a Blind Man of birth?!

There will be an adhering cloud and my dazzling light of clarity, but not dazzling; and, above all, there will be, both around you and everywhere, a GREAT PEACE mixed with an EXTREME JOY; because God-Love is PEACE and JOY.

MY DEAR AND BELOVED, MAKE SILENCE: your souls will hear Me, the eyes of your heart will see Me and My Hand will caress all souls who are waiting for this Blessed Day of OUR ENCOUNTER.

In this Miracle, I myself will meet you, wherever you are, because the Miracle itself is God, the Blessed of all the pure hearts that await Me and trust in Me.

I will then ask YOU, EACH, to make a GREATER effort so that My Coming to earth may be even CLOSER; for My Meeting to take place with the whole world.

My Children will receive the courage necessary to fulfill in them what I myself expect from EACH one…

The Miracle will be My long-awaited reward, to the extent that in it, the Souls who are prepared will be HAPPY… to receive My Holy Visit of Glory, because you will see Me Glorious: My VISIBLE Sign, in fact, is I, the Risen One.

Listen to Me in your hearts: the fireworks dazzle your eyes; but then there is NOTHING, NOTHING can testify that there was something there, in that very place.


Your Lord is Truth: 

His Presence dazzles your soul and, to remember it, He himself will leave a LIVING, PERMANENT Sign in EVERY place where God has passed with His Most Holy Mother, very close to you, accompanied by the Holy Angels and Saints of Heaven.

My own Mother promised you: I will fulfill you for my Holy and Sweet Mother who has visited you so many times on earth, to unite you to God, to Our Two Sacred United Hearts.

St Michael is My Herald: It is he who accompanies JESUS and MARY everywhere; he is the Witness of Heaven, the most faithful and most fervent Worshipper of God. And it is for this reason that the Mother of God is so Precious to her.

Pray like this:

“St Michael the Archangel, TERROR of demons, Defend us from all attacks, Deliver us from all evil; St Michael the Archangel, Watch over the Children of God who honor and invoke JESUS and MARY.”

Remain united, with my Holy Angels and My Saints in Heaven. AMAI and REZAI.


Sunday, 26 July 1992
nta Ana


And behold, I come. Amen, come Lord JESUS. On march 28, 1972, the Glorious Cross announced my next coming to this land blessed and sacred to God, My Father and your Father of Heaven.

Men refused to believe what I proclaimed to the world through the mouth of My Handman Magdalene. But one day his heart will ignite with that same sacred fire that made peter say:

“Yes, you are the Son of the Living God.”

HAPPY will then be these Souls who have fought so hard against Me, to the extent that My Own Father will finally have them informed;

they DOUBT and I myself will let them still doubt; they do not understand with their hearts: they only listen to their Reason; and God leaves them FREE; God is not only LOGIC, but LOVE.

My Love in Dozulé revealed itself as St. John, next to My Cross, on Golgota; and this was the reason why she took care of My Holy Mother; In fact, My Mother is the Mother of the Holy Church and JOHN is My well-loved priest.

In Dozulé, you become St. John, being bearers of My Word of Life and Truth everywhere, because you have found My LIFE.

In Dozulé, you are also with My Holy Mother, to the extent that I myself have given you ALL My Mother; you are ALL Children of MARY, at the foot of My Cross: this is where I re-re-set my Promise:

“Father, may they all be ONE, as We do only ONE, You and I.”


Here I bless you, for you become My Apostles of this Time when I call you to join my Holy Glorious Cross in order to SHINE with it, because you will be dazzling with clarity: of the Light of God.

Becoming HERE, in truth, Children of Light, of the Divine Light of God, who brings within him the Knowledge of the things of the High; in order to be United among you, and by God, to transmit to the sinful world the TRUTH, the One and Divine Truth of God. You will make known His LAW, His Divine Commandments. Whatever God asks you to do in these days, for God’s Sake, for all men of Good will, you will do so. And so the Scriptures will be fulfilled:

“He came and they didn’t recognize Him.”

Because they slept.

Pray and watch, for the hour is near.

I myself have come to announce in Dozulé:

“And behold, I come; Amen, Come Lord JESUS.”

But your ears remained closed and your eyes saw nothing: in fact, your heart was not inflamed with Love.

On My way, I met With MagDALENE, My beloved Apostles, My Brothers in God, to proclaim the Good News:

“I have seen the Risen One: He comes once again to meet us.”

Is it then necessary to listen to the COCK’s SONG to say how many times you have forsaken Me, before My Glorious Cross arises which I ask you to make me lift up, so that the world may finally be saved?

LOOK WHERE THE SIGNS ARE, where are the events that announce My Return; YOU KNOW how to contemplate heaven, to say that tomorrow will rain, and you do not know how to look AROUND you, to see where the World goes WITHOUT GodAnd you cannot even feel the Mercy of God in this One And Definitive Message that the Son of God, JESUS of Nazareth, gives you in Dozu:

“Prepare yourselves, do penance, for behold, I come. Amen. Come, Lord JESUS.”

Do you expect it to be too late to hear me and believe me?

Will you bitterly regret it?

I sin for Piety that you may hear Me, you who have been asked to make Me raise my glorious CROSS, that the whole world may be converted at the feet of My Cross and be saved.

Is it necessary for you, even more, to live the UNHAPPINESS that you could have avoided, listening to My Holy Mother ask you in FATIMA for the conversion of this people prisoner of evil, through consecration to My Sacred Heart?


– An answer to My Merciful Love.

A PROOF of your love.

– A confirmation of your faith.

And you answer Me:                                          

“that a 738-meter cross… christ would never have asked her of that time…”

The Star always shines. The King-Boy is lying in the Cradle. Only the poor Shepherds saw him, and the Magi, with his Faith.

Now it will be the same way: HAPPY pure hearts, for they will see God.

“He who helps a work of evangelization has the merits of an evangelizer”

(Pope St. Paul VI)


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Logo meaning

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Solemn Feast


The Message

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