The Message



This dossier that will be presented here was published by the Editions Boa Nova de Portugal-Requião, in the Magazine: Anunciai a Boa Nova.



Several reports have already been published about what has been called the Dozulé phenomenon. At the request of a number of people, desirous of having a faithful exdisplay and even taking into account that my superiors have left me free in this regard, I decided to publish my testimony.

I must first of all need that the phenomenon goes beyond appearances. They started only on March 28, 1972 and lasted 6 years.

But they were preceded two years earlier, of Eucharistic graces received as a mysterious gift made to Magdalene Aumont. Thanks that in fact she still enjoys (already deceased) today. Following a communion he received on April 12, 1970 and which marked or determined an important turnaround in his life.

Magdalene entrusted these graces and apparitions to her notebooks in number of 7. I myself, as the apparitions were held, i gathered them in a dossier, with the help of the religious sisters. Above all, I was for two years the confidant of Magdalene and her spiritual director.

After April 12, 1970, Magdalene Aumont underwent a sharp transformation. As she herself says in her report published in an interview with a newspaper:

“We arrived on August 3, 1968 in Dozulé. Everything was new, a big, beautiful house. Until the Easter party came in 1969. I hadn’t been to mass anymore. I couldn’t find the time and I didn’t want to do my Easter anymore. It was the third year I didn’t do it. That upset me a little. I did not have a conscience in peace, my faith was very weak; how often she admired those who had a great faith, the priests, the religious, who sacrificed their lives to consar it entirely to the service of God. However, I had often prayed and asked God to give Me a greater faith, some proof of his existence. It was like St. Thomas, i needed to see something supernatural to believe; it didn’t matter if it had less merit.

At night, before I went to bed, I would examine the starry sky and say to myself:

“All this cannot be done by itself, no more than nature on this earth and all that lives on it”

And I invoked the Lord many times to enlighten me, for he should undoubtedly exist. And I thought to myself how good it should be to have a great faith in God, how much meaning should life have, with faith; otherwise, why live and suffer, if everything should end after death?

Anyway, a few days before Easter 1970, I really wanted to do that year my Easter. I was so ashamed of myself that I hadn’t communed four years ago.

My mother said to me:

“Every year you say the same thing, and you’re always the same!”

On the eve of this confession, I then thoroughly examined my conscience and I invoked the Lord:

“Lord, help me have the courage to say everything and make a good confession”

So I confessed.

Coming out of the confessional, I was proud of myself, feeling relieved and very light.

Then came Easter Day. I was happy to have finally made my Passover, to have communed and asked the Lord to help me never to go so long without receiving communion; In fact, I really wanted to commune again the following Sunday, for I had just confessed and after a stop, to wait for the feast of Pentecost, 50 days later. It would not be long for 50 days, since I had not received holy communion for four years.

As I communed the following Sunday, returning to my place, before i even had time to get to my chair to kneel, something happened inside me; something I didn’t understand; it seemed to me that my being was different. I felt like a loss, looking like something was transforming inside me, something I’d never realized all my life. I felt like Drunk, but drunk with joy, of happiness. I felt something wonderful, inexplicable, as if I had discovered another world. But I didn’t realize what was happening to me; however an inexplicable sweetness possessed me. This lasted until I returned home; so I went back to my normal state.

Every day of the week, that’s all I thought about. what could have happened to me? couldn’t understand anything. I was in a hurry the next Sunday to arrive. It was April 12, 1970.

I was wondering if that was going to happen again. It was not so much for the reason of faith that I wished again to commune, but above all to see if everything would be repeated.

The following Sunday came – the second after Easter: April 12, 1970. I went back to Mass with my children. I was in a hurry to have the moment of communion; However, I don’t know why, I was a little worried. Will the same thing be reproduced in me as in the preceding communion?

It was from that moment on that a whole new life began for me. I had just communed and suddenly, as the previous Sunday, I was possessed by an inner joy; but this time I felt a presence, a presence not of this world, a spiritual presence. There was no doubt, he had just discovered the presence of Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit.

My spirit and the Spirit of Jesus met; the Holy Spirit was with me, in me. A supernatural force possessed me.

I felt entirely taken by the Holy Spirit.

How sweet was this presence of Jesus in my soul! He didn’t understand what happened the first time. Suddenly, in this communion, he had just discovered the presence of Jesus; that Jesus was there, very much alive in the consecrated host. It seemed to me, at that very moment, that the world no longer existed, that my body no longer existed. There was only God left in me, and I was left in Him. What an inesperfect sweetness, what a wonderful treasure, my spirit had become like those of the girl I was, on the day of my first communion.

It was such a sudden conversion, in an instant, that i dared not say:

“this is a miracle!”

The word was exaggerated for a poor creature like me, but it was the right word: “miracle.”

But is it possible for the Spirit of God to act on a 45-year-old, as dirty as I am for sin?

While there are so many young pure souls, to whom the Lord could have given His grace!

However, this is not my imagination. I knew very well what was happening to me. The grace of the Lord, the presence of the Lord, had acted in me so suddenly, so wonderful! My heart, my spirit were filled with joy: nothing more than this grace of the Lord, after communion, could transform me to this point in an instant.

When I returned home, I was so transformed, all cheerful for everything that had happened. My spirit overflowed with joy, an all-new joy, all divine, that I had never experienced before. I already felt united to Christ, my spirit and His were united forever.

Since this wonderful day, since this moment of conversion, not only after communion, but every day of my life, every day of the week, not a second has come out of my spirit. And this joy, since that day, always possesses it inwardly. I felt that Jesus was always present in me, with me. He let me live like a child who has no concern whatsoever about life, who is guided by his mother. i felt guided and protected by the Holy Spirit.

This Jesus of love, whom he had never paid attention to. I’m not the one who threw myself at him; it was Him “Jesus”, it was Jesus of love who came first to meet me, to fill my heart with His love and my spirit by His royal presence in the consecrated host.

I didn’t want to ask Jesus for anything. He had given me everything, His presence of Living Jesus, His love, in a word, His Grace. I lived fully in joy. I didn’t even think of thanking God for such grace. She let me just live off the Grace i was drunk from.

If you knew how much faith, the following Sunday I attended Mass, and with what joy I went to receive communion (there was no more reason to wait for Pentecost).

And this wonderful joy has reproduced itself again as the previous time. The presence of Jesus was so sensitive that I was again totally invaded with joy, for this Jesus of Love was there, in me.

Oh! How Jesus felt present in the Holy Host! It was so great my joy to know Jesus so close to me, alive, that at such a moment I could not contain my tears. I still tried not to cry.

I wondered if I cried with joy or shame toward Jesus, for having spent so many years doubting His existence. However, I always believed that I cried with joy, that they were tears of joy, so happy that I was. But I couldn’t tell you how I really felt.

Spiritual joy cannot really be explained.

It’s been a few weeks. I received the Lord with great fervor; after each communion, I felt the presence of Jesus alive in the holy host. This presence was so sweet in my spirit. Every day of my life, this presence of Jesus manifested itself at the moment of communion and did not leave my spirit. Live fully in joy for Jesus, with nothing to ask him and the Lord asked me nothing more. Everything is transformed if everything is offered to God each morning for “love for Him”, who has given his life to each of us. Christ is risen, well alive: every day I live this resurrection….Never let a day go by without praying, without thinking of Jesus, of all who suffer, who weep…. prayer unites us to God and gives us the spiritual joy that no material good can replace... neither science nor human wisdom, nor beautiful words that can be spoken to you can open the heart of an unbeliever to God. Conversion is not man’s work, god must attract him by His Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, man is nothing, he can’t do anything. We must pray “for love”, for without the Holy Spirit we are nothing. He watches over us without ceasing, say it to all:

“God watches over us every moment and if we see it, we can say thank you.”

Only God can thus transform the heart of man, but to receive the Lord’s graces, one must pray much with confidence, with faith.

In my spirit, everything sings the praise of the Lord, the flowers, his perfume, the trees, the morning dew, all that exists, all that lives, is the breath of God, for here, on this earth, everything sings the praises of the Lord…. I once doubted the existence of God. My life had no benefit, gloomy, 5 children to raise, the lack of money… but since that April 12, 1970, for me the resurrection of my spirit, of my soul has happened. Material concerns are gone; this inner peace rises above all that exists on this earth…Heaven at the end of our earthly life...”

When I returned from communion, I myself read in his face such joy and peace, of which I was probably the only one who realized, which I saw clearly manifestin her an invisible Presence.

Two years later, I was not really surprised when, in the chapel of St. Joseph, he handed me, before the beginning of mass, a piece of paper taken from a school notebook, in which she had written these words, which she herself had heard, in her first vision of the Cross on March 28, 1972:



Magdalene and I kept quiet; around us, no one doubts that on the morning of March 28, 1972, the Cross appeared in the Dozulé Sky. In any case, I should talk about it to the Bishop. And I did it hierarchically. Who received for the first time this confidence was the pastoral responsible of the northern area of the Auge, on which Dozulé depends. This brother in the Priesthood listened to me carefully and then confided to me:

“Father, I believe that this will follow other apparitions. Either way, go; I would speak of this matter to Father Pelcerf”

This Priest, in fact, was then dean of the chapter and exorcist of the diocese. I contacted Father Pelcerf. A few months later and according to him, I introduced him to Magdalene Aumont. It was a simple and private meeting. Father Pelcerf, accustomed as he is receiving from time to time psychic patients with more or less severe disorders, soon realized that the case of Magdalene Aumont was not the case to psychoanalyze. And to show him his esteem and confidence, he offered him the Works of St. John of the Cross.

Father Perlcerf himself had told me a few days earlier:

“Dear Father, it is time to talk this to the Bishop”

I’ve contacted Mons. Badré, accustomed to always listen with much benevolence reports of all kinds of apparitions. But he was already aware of this phenomenon, because he told me that he had contacted Father Guyot, to replace Father Pelcerf and follow, in turn, the phenomenon of Dozulé. And in this way, I will then have contacts, both with the Bishop and with Father Guyot.

However, appearances continued at a faster pace. The first 6 appearances took place in the same place, in haut-butte (high hill); and in each there is a message.

The First Appearance: Tuesday, March 28, 1972

The Second Appearance: Wednesday, November 8, 1972

The Third Appearance: Thursday, November 7, 1972

The Fourth Appearance: Tuesday, December 19, 1972

The Fifth Appearance: Wednesday, December 20, 1972

The Sixth Appearance: Thursday, December 21, 1972


Tuesday, March 28, 1972, at 4:35 a.m.

Here’s The Tuesday of Holy Week 1972.

My husband was out for work at 4:30 in the morning. As the day before and in the preceding days, I got up, i went down to close the door that came out; I went up again, opened the window. The sky was covered by dense clouds that flowed rapidly from northwest to southeast. There was a great wind. He looked at the sky, at the dense clouds that flowed. I’d get ready to pray prayer to the Holy Trinity. I hadn’t uttered the first word yet. Suddenly, I saw in the distance, on the horizon, a dazzling clarity. It illuminated the entire horizon as when there is lightning during a storm. But such clarity remained, while the lightning lasts only a second.

I was scared. I pulled over the window and went back to bed. I covered my face so I wouldn’t see anything. After about eight to 10 minutes, I got up on my bed. There was no more clarity in the window. Then I got up and went back to the window, there was absolutely nothing.

Shortly thereafter, again, I saw something that formed in Heaven, in the place where I had just seen that clarity. Everything was formed in the same instant, here’s how:

The base, the arms, the high, formed together, slowly, gathered in the middle of the Cross.

When this Cross was made, it was immense, wonderful, brighter than the day, very simple, very straight. It was impressive, but wonderfully beautiful, sweet to look at, and yet it had a fascinating clarity.

Oh! How beautiful it was on the small hill (Haut-but) in front of the house, on Tuesday March 28 between 4:30 and 4:50 in the morning! There was only the Cross. Christ wasn’t there. After a few seconds, I heard these 3 words:


These 3 words echoed as inside a church. They resounded, they were sonic. It seemed to me that they were directed at the whole world and that our globe would have trembled to the sound of that grave voice.

This immense Cross and this grave voice in the middle of the night were impressive. So I made the sign of the cross. The wonderful Cross was present before me, immense and beautiful. Oh! How beautiful it was with its luminosity! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and bright.

I heard someone who was talking next to me. That voice was so sweet; be some on this earth never spoke to me so slowly, so sweetly. I thought it was Jesus. Heard:

“You will make this Cross known and bear it”

Again a few more seconds and everything suddenly disappeared.

It was on Holy Thursday, going to confess, that I spoke to the parish priest. He insisted a little to know; Three days earlier I had asked him what he wanted to say:


If I hadn’t insisted on knowing, I don’t think I would have told you so soon. However, he should know. Without a doubt, these three words were meant for him and I should say it all. I didn’t doubt your discretion. A priest must keep a secret. However, all people, I believe, should have known. The Lord did not show himself and did not make himself heard by just one person. At the time, I had told Father L’Horset not to talk to anyone. But a little later, I said to him:

“I leave you free to speak to anyone who you think is necessary, but that my name is not revealed”

If I didn’t want my name to be revealed, I didn’t think it was out of shame, out of shame, out of shame or by resame. No. This was all given to me by Jesus. I have nothing for myself, I have no capacity, no power, my name is nothing. You shouldn’t look at me in all this. It is God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who is everything, who can do anything.

I’m afraid they look at me in the street as a phenomenon, an extraordinary being, who show with his finger and say:

“It was the one who saw the Cross of Jesus, who heard his words…”

I’m no good to you. I’m just a whole simple creature, so I don’t want this subject published in my name that it’s nothing.

“You will make this Cross known”

Undoubtedly, through my words, remind people that I meet:

-that Jesus suffered to save us, to remember;

-that your Cross is a triumph;

-that his Cross is our only hope;

-that his Cross must always be present in us, in our hearts;

-that your Cross is always raised upon the universe.

O dear Cross of Jesus, who was stained with blood to save all men!

Believe me, I will speak of Jesus and His Cross with my heart and faith. And also:

You will carry”

Sometimes it’s very difficult to carry the cross. That is, accept all the miseries, all the sorrows, all the worries, all the annoyances of the day to day, all the sufferings. Yes, this is very difficult. But when one is sure that Jesus exists, that he is alive, that he is there, in every moment of our life, that his presence is so much felt, it must alleviate all these miseries, all these sorrows, all these worries, all these sufferings.

Didn’t Jesus suffer Himself for all of us?

And what suffering so the !!! Moral and physical! He was beaten, mocked, spat in the face, was given vinegar to drink, and in such a pitiful condition, said:

“Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they do”

Who among us would have the courage, in such a situation, to forgive their executioner?

I needed it to be Jesus who accepted so much suffering to save humanity. With this thought the tears would come to our eyes.

However, how many people ignore Jesus, forget Jesus. No one thinks of the Cross of Jesus, which dominates the world. This immense Cross, wonderful, shining with light that appears on the horizon. We should all tremble in the face of such a great spectacle. Everything that exists here on this earth is nothing compared to what I saw and heard that morning of March 28 at 4:35 a.m.


Wednesday, November 8, 1972, 4:35 a.m.

During the week of Monday, November 6, my husband worked in the morning at 4:30. At that moment, I kept thanking God, putting myself at the window, the arms in the shape of a cross, in front of the place where I had seen that wonderful Cross.

In fact, I thought I’d never see her again.

On Wednesday the 8th, I stood at the window with my arms in the shape of a cross. A few minutes later, while in this position, that wonderful Cross formed again in front of me, like the previous time. The four ends of the Cross formed approaching to the middle.

A few seconds later, I heard this:

“Penance, penance.”

Other seconds later:

It is time to save all these sinners who do not love Jesus”

(while i was icy in awe, I received a secret about a near threat to humanity).) The voice spoke softly to me, and it seemed very sad.

The Cross is wonderfully beautiful, of a clarity, of a clarity to which no light from here on earth can be compared, neither the sunlight nor the electric light as beautiful as it may be.

This heavenly light does not offend the sights, it dazzles only the spirit. When she leaves me, I become very sad. I feel like I’m in the dark, even in sunny weather.

I would like to die to find myself in this light of the Lord, in order to behold it forever.

Lord Canon, you who will read these messages, preach penance to all who approach you, and tell all those who have faith to do penance, to save all these sinners who do not love Jesus, who have never had a look at Jesus, who see only superficial things – money, luxury, well-being. Tell them to do penance, to save all these people who have no heart, no charity. The world is so troubled by the advances of progress that it forgets the Creator: God.

However, it is through the Cross that Jesus came to deliver us from sin. Soon, by the Cross I saw with my own eyes, Jesus will come to save the world. It is for this glorious Cross that the end of all sorrows, all sufferings, all miseries will come. Then it will be the end, it will be peace, immense happiness. We will discover all the wonders of God in the heavenly light that will have no end.

But to achieve all these wonders that God has announced to us, we must be converted, it is time to do penance, penance.

I wondered how I was going to tell the parish priest everything that had happened. How were you going to believe me, since there was no message for him this time?

But I’m sure it’s Providence that’s been acting and since God had told me that, Father L’Horset had to know.

I went to Mass as usual that Wednesday morning, and when I left the small chapel of the St. Joseph boarding house, the parish priest also left, which he never does after Mass.

He asked me, “Why are you sad?”

I wondered how you realized I was sad.

The cross I see is so imposing, so wonderful, so impressive, that then I can’t stop my tears or sleep.

The Lord Parish Priest read this in my countenance. But I didn’t tell him right away, by the way, I was in a hurry to go home and give breakfast to my kids and my mother – who’s crippled – and then go to catechesis at 9:30.

I went to meet him the next day to tell him everything. I know the parish priest doesn’t doubt my word. I myself, if I hadn’t seen this wonderful Cross, would ask myself if everything wouldn’t be a nightmare, an illusion, a dream. But, no, I know very well that the Cross is present, for what does not deceive, are the words so distinct, so sweet: it is the word of Jesus, the word of God.


Thursday, December 7, 1972 at 4:35 AM

I saw again the wonderful Cross rising in heaven, just as in the previous two times, at the same time and in exactly the same place. As soon as it was formed, I heard:

AUVIDI VOCEM DE CAELO DICENTEM MIHI(2)…. tell the priest to raise the Glorious Cross in this place and at the foot of it, a sanctuary. Everyone will come there to repent and find peace and joy.

(2) “I heard a voice from heaven that told me…” (Ap 10.4)


Tuesday, December 19, 1972, at 4:35 a.m.

The wonderful Cross appeared to me again, and I heard:

“You will see this Cross yet 3 times”


Wednesday, December 20, 1972, at 4:35

As the day before, I saw the Cross in the same way as the previous times, at the same time, in the same place and again I heard:

“Tell the priest that the Glorious Cross, erected in this place, is comparable to Jerusalem”


Thursday, December 21, at 4:35

Third day in a row that the Cross appears to me in the same place, at the same time, in the same way. As I stood, as at other times, with my arms in the shape of a cross, I heard a sweet voice appearing to be by my side:

“Would you be kind enough to tell the Curia that the priest should not leave his parish before the fulfilment of the task requested of him? Find 3 people and recite together the rosary for the elevation of the Glorious Cross, here, on the border of Dozulé(3)

(3) It was from this day on that Sisters B and M. recited the rosary with the priest in the locked chapel and were warned of the apparitions. Christ desired a public prayer on the high-hill of the apparitions of the Cross, so that the message would be given without waiting any longer for humanity.


Wednesday, December 27, 1972, 19 hours, feast of St. John the Apostle

Then I had one time left to see this Cross; I was anxious that the week of January 1st would come, when my husband would leave at 4:30 in the morning, to put me again with his arms in the shape of a cross and wait perhaps in that week one last appearance.

I went to meet the parish priest wednesday night. The director of The St. Joseph’s Pensionato, Sister B, had asked me to prepare the church for a wedding that was due to take place the following Saturday.

I then went to the sacristy on the afternoon of Wednesday the 27th, with the parish priest. It was exactly 7:00. She waited before the door of the sacristy as he locked her. At that moment, the Cross appeared in front of me, as usual. A few more moments and at the foot of the Cross, an oval cloud formed serving as a pedestal. The cross is gone. A human form has taken its place; his feet landing on the cloud.

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. His head was tilted and his hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. I heard a very soft voice that said to me:

“Do not be afraid, I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the risen Man”

A few seconds later, the same voice said to me:


(4) Translation: “O Magdalene, what a happy luck made you a wife! Proclaim the wonders that have called you from darkness to His admirable light.”

I could admire even for a few moments such wonder, then everything suddenly disappeared. I seemed to find myself again in the darkness. If you knew how my heart is full of love for Jesus who deigned to visit me, to me, poor unworthy creature! Until my last day on this earth, I will be amazed by that wonderful vision – the presence of Jesus on that afternoon of December 27.

I have only one wish left: to review Him; jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the risen Man. It would be sweet for me to die in such a moment. He had his hands open as to take me in, but that lasted so little time.

I wish everything would stop, for time to stop, for there to be no more time, so that all people could see it, as I saw it. I wish I could contemplate him forever in his splendor, to contemplate that wonderful Light, that Jesus full of love and sweetness, of goodness, shining with light.

What a wonderful beauty, what a clear light, what a treasure, what greatness, my eyes saw on December 27th! What a joy, what a pleasure we will have when we can contemplate Jesus for all eternity.

If the world knew, if the world had seen it, if the world had seen it! And the world will see, not too far away, one day. On that day, the whole face of the earth will be in total charm, seeing: “Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man,” shining with light, as I saw him with my own eyes, coming in a cloud in all his greatness. Yes, all summer, that’s why it’s conversion time. It’s time to raise your head.

When a soul sees a ray of divine light, it desires to die to contemplate it eternally. I could admire this wonder until a few moments, and everything disappeared suddenly.

In this 6 Appearances, Magdalene is alone. Make me your account on the same day or a few days later; I have confidence in your sincerity and the accuracy of your report.

In the sixth Apparition, the Voice says to him:

“Seek three people and pray together the rosary for the construction of the Glorious Cross. Here, at the ends of the territory of Dozulé”

With Monsignor’s permission, I meet the three religious from St. Joseph’s School. I inform them of the apparitions and invite them to be part of the small prayer group. And so we meet every night in the chapel, the sisters and I, to pray the holy rosary.


In this way, slowly, the phenomenon was coming out of the silence in which Magdalene and I had kept it for a few months. The phenomenon itself is even about to leave the High Hill. On December 27, 1972, at 7:00 p.m., outside the Church, when Magdalene had just adorned the Altar for a wedding that was to be celebrated the following Saturday, the same Magdalene sees the Cross, above the Church, much higher in Heaven and smaller than that of previous apparitions. She will need it herself:

“In the direction of Lisie

Inform me immediately and point your finger in the direction of the Apparition.

“Father, look at the Cross!”

I look and answer to him:

“I don’t see anything”

But Magdalene no longer hears me, slowly kneels, directs her gaze to heaven, entirely absorbed by her vision. Your face is true-minded transfigured. He’s ecemtous. And it’s the first time I’ve seen a person in ecstasy. Here too I can testify that the invisible presence is reflected in The Presence of Magdalene Aumont.

I take a pencil and my agenda, ready to write, if necessary the words i would hear from the mouth of Magdalene, and behold, after about 2 minutes, of the one who is ecist, motionless, impromptu, I hear pronounce, with a very distinct voice and without hesitation:


Invited to follow me to the presbyterate, she herself will need details of this vision. I will make a more detailed account of it myself in the chapter dedicated to the apparitions.


I had read of Jean Guitton, a work of apologetic character:

“Religious criticism” and an opuscule “Rue du Bac or outdated superstition”.

The author dealt with this last work, from the apparitions of Our Lady to Catarina Labouré, in 1830, and starting from this study, he made a synthesis of the Marian apparitions of the 19th century. Xx. He had also written a book about Catherine Emmerich; in the way, he was interested in mystics. I asked Father Badré if It would be possible for me to have a meeting with Jean Guitton in order to refer the case of Magdalene Aumont to him. He replied that he didn’t see any obstacle in that. He added:

“I just have to observe that Jean Guitton is a Christian philosopher, but not a theologian”

The writer, a renowned teacher, gave me the honor of welcoming my visit and set me the date. On the day indicated he welcomed me very kindly. The meeting was cordial and full of sympathy. I told him about the events of Dozulé and left him a dossier on the apparitions. He thanked me for the trust that we, me and the Bishop, placed in him.

“I have noticed, Jean Guitton tells me, that many of the supernatural phenomena of this kind are late to be recognized. But far more important and substantial are its fruits, that one day the Church itself will be called to benefit. Both spiritual and theological fruits. I understand certain appearances as an outward projection of an intense inner life.”

Once I returned to Dozulé, I reread his book Rue du Bac. And in it I took note of the quote from a certain Gerard C. who intends to prove as scientists too, even and despite an apparent contradiction, are open to a certain mystique or a certain access to the mystique that he himself called premystique. In epistolary corrections, I asked Jean Guitton who was this scientist he was quoting in his work.

Without giving me an answer, he showed the interested party my letter and that’s how Gerard C. came to know that in Dozulé there was a mystique.

Gerard was a polytechnic, naval engineering engineer, great optical specialist; high-level scientist. He was above all a man of great faith. And great faith because passed on from great trials:

“On the way out of the polytechnic, he wrote to me, I was in danger of losing faith. In my anguish, in my despair, I cried out to God, “My God, if ye exist, show it to me. Where are these saints, whose life was written? Around me I see nothing but darkness. Where is the real Church? And I bereaved, “Lord, make me find saints.” And from 1933, I did not stop finding wonderful saints everywhere.”

It tells how grace to an intertwining of providential circumstances during a mission in Germany, could find the great stigmatized Tereza Neumann:

“After this, he adds, there were chain reactions. I’ve been led to find hidden mystics for 30 years.”

And here is it, Gerard in Dozulé, where I welcome him on September 14, 1976. The next day, he sees Magdalene Aumont and informs himself of the Message. Convinced, he begins to study it. For him, the dimension of the Cross (738 meters) does not offer invincible technical problems. It is better to think of this Project immediately, for the term announced by the Lord presents a character of extreme urgency. And that’s why he designed a project himself. We both discussed him. This project by Gerard, it deserved some attention. What interests me most is having a positive judgment on the part of a competent scientist. This Cross, which by its size may seem a challenge to human competence, is, after all, perfectly achievable. I will speak of this to Father Badré next time.


But Gerard was impatient. He insists that I subject this project of yours to my Bishop without further ado. Despite my reticence, I, however, thought that Monsignor Badré would not yet be willing to accept such a project. On February 3, 1976 he received a manuscript with the title: “Last Message”, in which Gerard exposes the Apparitions of Dozulé and describes the schemes of a future Cross and the study he himself made of them. In an attached letter, he tells me that that same manuscript he had sent to my Bishop that same day.

I was very surprised by gerard’s initiative, which seems reckless and truly unpurpose. I will immediately call the Episcopal Curia to ask for an interview with Father Badré. The interview took place and at that meeting, Father Badré asks me for explanations about the origin of the manuscript. Despite my explanations, considering myself responsible for these indiscretions, in which a dangerous disclosure is being made contrary to his instructions, he decides to step away, momentarily from Dozulé.

On July 1, 1977, called Caen, I meet Mons. Badré. Very kindly, he said to me:

“I should be very grateful if I agreed to be appointed parish priest of Pont-faricy. It’s a good parish, which has been waiting for a priest for two years. He would be welcomed as the messiah”.

I did not know this village of Bocage Virois; but it mattered little: my only desire is to provide service. Accepted. I have the feeling that I have done an act of obedience and thus rendered a good service to the Message, although of course it would be hard for me to leave Dozulé.

On the same day that I received from the Bishop, my new placement (1/7/1977), in the chapel of Dozulé, an apparition was made, which seemed to be a desparticularde of my proceeding. Magdalene makes her account for me. I will speak in detail of the chapter dedicated to the issues discussed.

NOTE: On December 21, 1972, Magdalene had heard during the Sixth apparition: “You would have the kindness to say to the Curia that the priest should not leave his parish before fulfilling the task requested of him.”

On July 1, 1977, the bishop transferred the parish priest from Dozulé to Pont-Farcy, 90 km away, to stop- he imagined- the course of events. Now, the most important apparitions took place in 1978, after the priest’s departure. It must be stressed that the priest’s car stopped working going to the Curia, as well as that of the religious who were helped.

Father Queudeville replaced him and disowned the apparitions, which he never attended or accompanied.


I’ll be parish priest at Pont-Farcy for 17 years. The inhabitants of this small area of Bocage Virois will ignore, for a long time, because circumstances have been appointed their parish priest. But they will eventually know this through the channel “France 3”, by the provisions made by the Bishop of Bayeux, concerning the events of Dozulé. Having thus known the date of these events, they soon ended up conscuvilhar among themselves:

“But it was precisely our parish priest who in those years was parish priest of Dozulé…”

They didn’t say a word to me and I particularly appreciated your delicacy and discretion. Throughout this period, he received letters and even visits from people who so often came from far away, from all regions of France and even from different countries.

“Father, I was told, we know that i was a parish priest in Dozulé at the time of the apparitions. We read an opuscule that speaks of these events and we have already participated in a pilgrimage to Haut Butt (high hill). We visited Magdalene Aumont and were impressed by her faith, her obedience to the Church and even her simplicity. Everything about her speaks for real.”

Answering your questions, I always give you the same guidance: obedience to the Church, without which we expose ourselves to all kinds of deviations and their consequences. These visits and the correspondence that derived from them offered me excellent relationships and solid friendships. We all hope that the day that will be light and a new committee of inquiry will be constituted, which on all the initiatives taken and interpretations made, will make a proper choice between the true and the false, between the good and the least good, that exists forcibly, whenever one wants to take care of an event like this and his own personal history is made…. together with good initiatives, there are of course those who are very unhappy; together with publications that simply want to witness to the truth, there is no shortage of those who always add new things or always interpret things in their own way and without discernment; they mix it all up: good grain and cizânia, they make all this a miscellany and instead of serving the Message, they disbelieve it. I do not deny the good faith and courage of one another, but it makes me feel and pity all the true friends of the Glorious Cross, that all the intemperances of language, the overly personal interpretations, the uncontrolled zeal, have made the phenomenon of Dozulé so suspicious in the eyes of the responsible authorities. We all hope, while reserving judgment to the competent authority, that one day the Message will be recognized and with this same intention we want to unite in one prayer and fraternal charity.

I dedicate this book to my mother in tribute.

My mother accompanied me in the various parishes to which I was called. After 5 years of vicarage in Santa Tereza de Caen, exercising my ministry as parish priest. He accompanied me, therefore, in my first parish, in Tour-in-Bassin, where I was from 1951 to 1966. In 1966, I was appointed to Dozulé. And I stayed there until 1977. However, my mother died on December 10, 1970. Therefore, he did not know the Apparitions; if i had known them and particularly the one of December 27, 1972, no doubt would have made a perfect comparison between these appearances and an episode of his life.

After 11 years in Dozulé on July 1, 1977, My move to Pont-Farcy took place. He followed the events of Dozulé by far. The years pass, I know that on July 7, 1984 a diocesan commission has been finally set up for so long, in charge of investigating the events of Dozulé.

One day, I’m summoned to give my testimony. Next, the committee will call a few more witnesses; all will be interrogated. I hope, however, as the days and months go by, that the inquiry will pass to us.

On December 8, 1985, I’m in my office and I’m examining letters that have been cummy ed for a long time. I meet as by chance, a letter from my mother, dating from the Tour-in-Bassin period. After a slight glance, I hasten to show it to my sister Maria Luisa, who is in the dining room, busy preparing the evening meal and watching TV.

“Take this letter, I’ll tell you, and see if you recognize who it is!”

“Certainly, answer, it’s mom’s handwriting”

Before you read it, interrupt me.

On television they are announcing that the bishop of Bayeux’s provisions on the events of Dozulé have been officially published… we looked at each other, my sister and I, and we easily concluded: everything negative, we were left only with hope.

But it is then that my sister reads in a low voice the contents of the letter I had found and the one that had only given a runaway look, moment before:

“Today, December 2, 1964, this morning, at 6:30 I had a beautiful dream; it was so beautiful, I wrote it, not to forget. I saw our Lord Jesus Christ, coming out of a cloud, between heaven and earth. It was beautiful, to be ecstatic, before His Majesty. He kept looking, and behold, I see the Cross, that it fell on his back. And at that moment, I woke up! It was nothing more than a dream, but this dream impressed me.”

We recognize that such a coincidence is at least curious. We are both convinced that it is a sign from Heaven:

“Oh! Tell me, my sister, it’s your mother who tells you, “Trust, my son.”

In fact, I never intended to use this letter to disprove my Bishop and his negative conclusion about Dozulé. On the other hand, I do not regard your decree as a conviction without possible appeal. In the letter dated 25 October 1985, in response to the report that Father Badré had sent him, Cardinal Ratzinger said to him:

“As it is within its competence, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has carefully examined these documents and approved the process you have followed, as well as the provisions of your decree. At the same time, of course, there is no doubt that you will also follow this phenomenon in the future, with the same prudent vigilance and that you can take, if necessary, the appropriate measures that are responsible for your episcopal responsibility in this matter…”

It can therefore be expected that one day a new diocesan commission, which this time will take into account the authentic witnesses, that the first time they have not been consulted, will allow our Bishop to “accompany this phenomenon with the same prudent vigilance”.

Once again alluding to my mother’s letter, which we had by chance found at the very moment when television announced the publication of the episcopal decree, I dare conclude for my part that chance does not exist and that events are signs. This letter is a wink of the eye of the provide. It’s a smile from God.


Important clarification on how the apparitions and the writing of verbal processes took place. I think I remember that, in certain reports, it is said that Mons. Badré instructed the Parish Priest to entrust the account of the apparitions to a verbal process. That’s not exact. The verbal proceedings were drafted and delivered on my own initiative. Unfortunately, much was written, as was also said and done, without having been access to the integrity of the original documents and without the necessary discernment. And this contributed to a great and pitiful confusion and to delaying the recognition of the Message.

With regard to the first six appearances, I placed confidence in the sincerity of The Words of Magdalene Aumont and delivered, based on the account she herself made to me, what she saw and felt.

As for the other apparitions, here’s how things unfolded.

A number of people, including the priest and the religious, participate with Magdalene in the time available to them. In the prayer of the rosary and in the worship of the Most Holy, as christ asks. It is He, the Lord, who takes such an initiative, He and only He. for instance:

“Meet 3 people and pray the rosary” (Apparition of 21/12/1972)

“Be so kind enough to come here every first Friday of the month” (12/6/1972)

After mass, I expose the Most Holy in the chapel of the school. The people who desire it, go to the chapel for the prayer of the rosary or for worship. At night, as a rule, at 7 pm, on the day of Apparition, Magdalene sees in place in the Most Holy, a Light; she herself got used to announcing it like this:

“The Light”

Magdalene approaches the altar and kneels. We follow your behavior, your attitude and listen. She contemplates, from time to time repeats aloud the words that the Lord says to her, in French or Latin. And all this lasts about seven to eight minutes. None of what unfolds has been programmed in advance-mind.

I end with the blessing of the Most Holy. During the blessing of the Most Holy, we are accustomed to pray together the rosary and to sing, among other verses or songs, the hymn of the epistle to the Philippians, chapter 2 vers 6-11.

Immediately after, people left the chapel and once they left, a few words were exchanged. Magdalene was still in the chapel, waiting for me to give her a sign. At my invitation, he’d come with me to the principal’s office. And there, only with her, I would ask her for an account of everything that had happened.

It describes to me the Apparition, the attitude, the gestures and the expression. I make all this a verbal report and give it to the director to copy.

On the same day, I request a meeting with the Bishop or with his delegate. The welcome will always be very fraternal and the listening very close. The Bishop will be a judge, following the inquiries, in the prayers to be done, in the work to be carried out, in the people to be contacted and all this accompanied by advice and restrictions that in such cases are imposed.


I just celebrated Mass in the school chapel, I go back into the sacristy and suddenly I see open the curtain that closes the sacristy. Madalena Aumont presents:

“Father, what do you mean by that?”

I take the piece of paper that extends to me and on which are written these 3 words that she tried to translate:

“ECCE CRUCEM DOMINI” (crucifie dieu)

I ask for explanations: what evil it is written. Who wrote it?

“I, Father, I heard you. I’ll explain it to you later. What do you mean?”

I give you the translation:

“Behold the Cross of the Lord”

He thanks me and leaves immediately, without waiting for anything else. Two days later, my insistence, give me the explanation of all this. Here’s what she says to me:

Tuesday morning, at 4:30, my husband leaves for work, like every morning. I’ll close the door on his back and go back up to my room. I open the window, looking at the sky and the stars, I gather more easily, I feel closer to God. There’s wind and clouds that are rushing to approach. But the weather is not dark, it must be the moon. I make the sign of the cross and begin the prayer, the one I had learned in catechism:

“Holy Trinity, one God in 3 Persons….”

Suddenly, I realize, a little to my right, a dazzling flash in the sky, which illuminates the horizon. It’s not a lighthouse, it’s not an air of storm. I think of a flying saucer.Impressed, I put my back on the window, i’m going to put myself back in bed with my head under the blankets. About five to eight minutes later, I get back up and look at the point where I saw the Light and immediately, in the same place, I see it forming in the sky. 4 light points appear, from which light lines are started to appear that come together in the center. Before my eyes, a cross is raised on the horizon, immense, luminous, brighter and clearer than the day.

I contemplate this wonder a little, when behold, I hear a very strong and very serious voice that resonates as if it had to be said to the whole world:


I don’t understand the meaning of you, but I sense it’s a Message from heaven. I make the sign of the cross. Then, beside me, I hear a very sweet voice:

“You will know this Cross and carry it”

A few seconds pass away, while I am truly amazed at this great and wonderful Cross.

Then, all of a sudden, everything disappeared.

I’ll meet you again in the dark. Hurriedly, I went down, i took a school notebook that was there, on the kitchen table, I tore a piece of it to write to you in a hurry, afraid to forget the words I heard.

This is therefore the account of Magdalene Aumont, as she transmitted it to me.

I kept this little piece of paper as a relic, the most precious.

And let’s get back to the circumstances of this event. For months, absolute secrecy has been kept. Nothing even makes them doubt what appeared to Magdalene Aumont on March 28, 1972, in the Sky of Dozulé. Magdalene Aumont does not say a word, not even her mother, although she was her confidant and neither to her husband or children. For my part, the secret remains.

One day, I receive the visit of the priest episcopal vicar, at the time, responsible for the area of Auge Norte.

“Father L’Horset, there will surely be a sequel. In your place, I would let you know father Pelcerf”.

Father Pelcerf resides in Bayeux. I don’t think there’s going to be any urgency. Wait.

As for Magdalene, she meditates in her heart what she saw and heard in a particular way, thinks of the words:

“You will make this Cross known and bear it”

Make this Cross known… who to make her known? And who will understand it?

He writes in his notebooks:

“To understand all this, it is necessary to live continuously with the Holy Spirit in us. May our spirit be united with that of Jesus, every day, in every hour.”

It’s been two or three months. I’m going to Bayeux to meet Father Pelcerf. I’ll let you know about the March 28 appearance. Listen to me carefully. At a certain moment, I ask you the question:

“Do you want me to let you know the person who had this apparition?”

“I’m happy to know,” he replies.

We set a date for the meeting on the agreed day. Magdalene is coming with me to visit Father Pelcerf. The meeting takes place in a climate of cofiante simplicity. Father Pelcerf immediately realized that the case of Magdalene Aumont was of no interest to psychoanalysis, but that the person who stood before him is of a perfect balance, a privileged one by grace. Before you fire us, he says:

“To witness my esteem and my confidence(Father Pelcerf takes a book from a bookshelf from his library). They are the Works of St. John of the Cross. At this age of mine, I must know how to get out of these things. Take, Magdalene, I offer you this book.”

Then, between Magdalene and Father Pelcerf, a correspondence will be fixed. In a colloquium with the priest, let me know that you received a letter.

In her last letter, trust me, Magdalene wrote him the following words that particularly impressed him:

“Don’t be afraid of death,” he says, and Father Pelcerf adds:

“This came well by the way. At precisely that moment, I thought insistently of death; saw me fall to the ground like a child”

One of his last words about Magdalene Aumont:

“It is time to talk about it to the Bishop”

A few weeks later, we learned, by a statement from the episcopal curia, of the death of Father Pelcerf.

End of 1972: according to the advice father Pelcerf gave me, I will meet mons regularly. Badré.


Rolando Aumont left for his job, it’s 4:35 a.m. Magdalene climbed back into the room in front of the semi-closed window, Magdalene prays, with her arms crossed, without anything announcing it. Behold, the Cross appears in heaven; a Luminous Cross, wonderfully beautiful, says Magdalene, and she herself admires this Cross. It is such a clarity that no light on earth can match it. Magdalene hears, very close to her, a sweet and sad voice:

“Penance, Penance. It is time to save all these sinners who do not love Jesus”

And right now, you’re entrusted with a secret.

In the morning, he comes to the chapel to attend Mass. Magdalene is sad. And this sadness reads perfectly on his face.

After mass, I approach her and ask her:

“Why are you so sad?”

Confident, then tell me what the reason for your sadness is:

The second apparition of the Cross and the words that accompanied it. In her notebooks, Magdalene needs:

“The voice that spoke to me…. seemed to be near me. Sweet! And he spoke to me very sweetly and he seemed so sad. This cross is wonderfully beautiful, of a clarity and a cleanness, which no light of the earth can match. This heavenly light does no harm to the eyes, it dazzles only the spirit. And when you leave me, I’m very sad… I’m in the dark… I would like to die, to meet me again in that Light of God, which I could then contemplate forever. To all of you who read these lines, do penance, purify yourselves. It is time for you to turn to Jesus. Don’t say, “I’ve sined too much.” Don’t say, “So much worse, we’ll see!”. It is never too late to go to Jesus. Jesus is good, he will forgive you, even at the last moment of your life. But don’t wait! Let it be today, be it immediately. It is God who asks you. It’s almost an S.The.S that God commands, for he says:

“It is time to save all these sinners who do not love Jesus”


Magdalene Aumont with arms on a cross, makes her prayer, as every morning, before the window, half-closed:

“Holy Trinity…..”

At the same and very precise point of the other times, the Luminous Cross appears for the third time. Magdalene hears:


Translation: “I heard a voice from heaven that told me”

“Tell the priests to raise the Glorious Cross in this place and to it a Sanctuary. Everyone will come to repent and find peace and joy.”


Appearance of the Cross. Magdalene hears:

“Tell the priest that the Cross erected in this place shall be compared to Jerusalem”

Whatever happens, I ask Father Badré:

“Do you know the height of the Basilica of the Holy Saviour in Jerusalem?”

“I ignore him,” Father Badré replies to me.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1972 4 H E 35

Apparition of the Cross, accompanied by a message of the usual form:

“Please say to the curia that the priest should not leave his parish before the accomplishment of the mission entrusted to them” (this detail of the message surprises me)


“Look for 3 people and recite together the rosary by the elevation of the Glorious Cross, here on the edge of the territory of Dozulé”

It is then that I invite the school religious to come every day to pray the rosary in the chapel, with me and with Magdalene Aumont.

The next day, we nod to three more people, who will be joining us.


Magdalene Aumont had just adorned the altar with flowers for a wedding that was to be celebrated the following Saturday. He had gone with her to the sacristy, to take away the warnings and put at her disposal flower pots that it was necessary to prepare, to dispose of them at the altar. After work, Magdalene is ready to return home. It’s 7:00. We leave the sacristy by the door overlooking the garden of the parish house. Crossed the threshold of the door, Magdalene to suddenly; his gaze is attracted to something he sees in heaven.

“Father, tell me, look up there!”

He points with his finger at the object of his vision: “The Cross”

I look in the direction that indicates to me and I answer to you:

“I don’t see anything”

But Magdalene can’t hear me anymore. He gets down on his knees in silence and slowly makes the sign of the cross. I look at her, motionless, absorbed by her vision. His face, his eyes reflect his beauty, with a sweet expression of joy and peace.

Magdalene is penetrating a universe of infused light. He’s ecemtous. It’s the first time in my life I’ve seen a person in ecstasy.

I have a feeling you’re going to talk and give a message. I take a piece of paper and pencil, willing to write what to hear. A few seconds, maybe a minute, I don’t know, Magdalene contemplates her vision. I see her ecstatic, a little pale, sketches a smile full of peace. What you see must be wonderful, inesfutable.

And here she’s talking. With a distinctive voice and without the slightest hesitation, nor the slightest error, he pronounces:


A few seconds pass, which Magdalene lives in contemplation. Then get out of ecstasy. Go back to your normal behavior. Look around you and return to the shores you had left for a little while. I’ll help you get up. Smiling, you realize I’m by your side.

“Father, if i knew! I saw Jesus. Oh! If you’d seen him like I did! His Face was full of Goodness. He told me. It’s wonderful!

I invite Magdalene to follow Me to the parish house.

Sitting in front of my desk, she’s still completely thrilled, but serene and happy. No exaltation. Magdalene will never be an exalted person. And explains:

“Father, I have seen the Luminous Cross, like the other times. But smaller and taller, in heaven, above the Church. It seemed oriented in the direction of Lisieux. At the foot of the Cross, a slightly rounded Cloud. Then the Cross disappeared. In its place appeared, above this Cloud, as on a pedestal, a human form.

It was wonderful; I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Impossible to express. His Head was slightly inclined and His Hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. And he said to me(His Voice was very sweet):

“Do not be afraid. I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man”.

A few seconds passed; I continued in contemplation. after:

“Have the kindness to repeat this

Magdalene pronounces the Latin phrase, that I had already quickly picked up a few words and which now complete quickly under her dictation. I ask you to repeat those words. At a certain point, it seems to hesitate; I suggest you a word or two.

“Yes, it is so” says and resumes the words entirely.

This brief hesitation leads me to understand that once given the message, she can hesitate, forget, since her mission is already accomplished.

Magdalene lets a surprise show when I say:

“Magdalena, means Magdalene, in Latin”

And I translated the Latin phrase she had heard.

This apparition and this message contains in substance the entire Message of Dozulé. It’s the Easter Message. It is about moving from the darkness of unbelief, to the admirable light of faith, to preparing to move from the darkness of this world to the endless Light, when Christ returns in Glory.

Here’s what Magdalene says in her notebooks:

“I will continue to be dazzled by this wonderful vision, with this Presence of Jesus, on December 27, until the last day of my life on this earth. I would have wanted everything to stop, for time to stop, that there was no more time, so that the whole world and all mankind could see Him as I saw him! What splendour my eyes saw that afternoon of December 27!… if the world knew, if the world had seen it, if the world had seen it!… and one day, one day you’il see… and it won’t be far away… on that day, the whole face of the earth will be in total splendor when they see Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man, radiant with Light, as I have seen Him with my own eyes, to come upon a Cloud, in all His Greatness. Yes, everyone will see Him…. so it’s time to convert you. It is time to raise your head: you can be saved. When a soul sees a ray of God’s Light, it desires to die, to continue to see that light for all eternity.”

From a letter he later wrote:

“He was beside me, this Jesus full of love, who deigned to lean towards me and speak to me. Yes, I saw His Sweet Face, I heard His Voice. How beautiful, shining of Light! Everything was brighter than the sun… His Hands were stretched out to me, as to welcome me. His Face, full of infinite sweetness. He was leaning towards me and that sweet look of yours, he looked a little sad. It was so wonderful, it’s almost impossible to describe it. I will keep to the last breath, in this land, this wonderful vision, even more beautiful than all the others: Jesus, who I saw on this night of December 27, 1972, at 7 p.m. And the Lord was there, beside me, when I saw Jesus… these 8 or 10 minutes will remain etched in my memory forever. Yes, Jesus deigned to visit me and say to me, “Do not be afraid, I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man.” How sweet it would have been for me to die with Jesus and live with Him for all eternity!”

This appearance marks a new twist in the unfolding of the Message set. Until that moment, only the Cross appears. From now on, it will be Christ. However, Christ, on May 3, 1974, he will say to us:

“The Glorious Cross is Risen Jesus”

Friday, May 3, 1974, from 17:10 to 17:25

The Light appears and then Jesus presents himself with his hands outstretched to me, to welcome me; Smile. I’m so glad I’d be in His presence indefinitely. He says:

“Say aloud, “Tell the priest that I visit you for the seventeenth time*, for the Glorious Cross is also the Risen Jesus”.

Comment from Father L’Horset:

And indeed, in this apparition, it is as if they were two successive visions: that of the Cross and then that of Christ. The pedestal itself: the oval cloud, serves as a support. First, to the Cross and then to the human form, which manifests the Presence of the Glorious Christ as the right and reverse of the same medal.

This apparition is important and also for another reason: testimony.

The first six appearances took place only before Magdalene.

Here, I saw him myself Magdalene in ecstasy. Jesus will say to Magdalene:

Friday, March 14, 1975 – 15 hours

“Persevere, Magdalene, in prayer, fasting, and abstinence. Persevere without fearing the mockery and misdemeanors that will rise against you, for few have faith in the words that have come out of your mouth, but the priest can testify that the Invisible Presence is reflected on your face.

Still important this seventh apparition, by its eschatological cha
racter, which recalls and makes present the prophecy of Jesus on His Glorious Return and gives him a note of extreme urgency:

“Ye will see the Son of Man come in Glory upon the clouds of heaven” (Lk 21:27)


Sister B is present with me. and Sister M.

We have finished the Prayer of the rosary. Magdalene feels like a slight wind touching her face lightly. Overwhelmed by curiosity, he turns to me and asks me if I too had felt that stream of breath.

“no, I answer, on the other hand, the window is closed”

Magdalene thinks it’s a warning to announce that something’s about to happen. In fact, in place of the tabernator, he sees the Light appear; then the Light disappears and Jesus appears, as the previous time, with open hands, outstretched to Magdalene, as to welcome her. Jesus says to him:

“It’s kind of you to get close to here”

Magdalene advances to Him. Jesus says:

“Say it out loud”

(this preambulo always announces a Message)

Jesus says sweetly, word for word, and Magdalene repeats:

“I am the First and the Last, and the Living. All that I have been given to you Myself am: I am Peace, Love, Joy, Resurrection and Life”

Jesus says (just for her)

“Kiss the people here, out of love and charity for others”

Something Magdalene does. after:

Have the kindness to repeat this”

(Formula that announces a message in Latin)



“Attention! What you hear in your ear, proclaim it on the roofs. For you, Magdalene, the city of Dozulé will be endorsed with the Holy Cross. He builds a Sanctuary to the Lord on His Mount. This place is terrible.”

Jesus says (just for her)

“Kiss the earth 3 times, for penance and for iniquity”

Something Magdalene does.

“When I raised my head, says Magdalene, Jesus’ gaze was sad”

Then he looks at the three people present at length, two religious sisters and the priest.

And Jesus says:

“This says aloud to the people who recite the third with you: “Hurry to proclaim to the world what you have seen and heard in My Name. May the episcopal curia proclaim my law in order to raise the Glorious Cross and the Shrine of Reconciliation, in the very place where Magdalene saw her six times and come all in procession.

“Then, Says Magdalene, Jesus smiles at me, raises his arms to Heaven, and says (aloud):

“When this Cross is raised from the earth, I will draw all to Me”

Extend sits hands to Magdalene, as to welcome her and says (only to her):

“Be so kind enough to come here every first Friday of the month. I myself will visit you, until the elevation of the Glorious Cross”


“I contemplate Him for a moment, then everything disappears”


Sister B is present with me. And Mrs. Tapin

Magdalene, aloud, says:

“The Light!”

But let’s give him the floor:

“Jesus appears to me like the other time, in place of the Most Holy. Extend my hands as to welcome me. Your look is of wonderful kindness, your smile is very sweet. Everything is hard to describe, beautiful that it is! Jesus smiled at me at length, long. Then he raised his right hand, the other on his chest, and said to me:

“Have the kindness to repeat thi
s(and we heard you say):




Then, always with the right hand directed at me and the other on the chest, he said to me:

“Will he say to the Curia all the words which I have ditined; and the lord’s serva has spoken a language which is unknown to him.”

At this point, I said:

“But Lord, I don’t remember that anymore.”

And then He said to me:

“Remember My Word. You will bear testimony because of My Name and you will have no need to exercise, to know what you will have to say, because I will be with you.”

He was still briefly in the same position and disappeared, after having elevated himself a little.


They are present with me: the three religious sisters, the mother superior.

Let’s talk Magdalene:

“Before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, there appears a flash, almost oval. I said, “Hey!”. Within this space of light, the Lord appeared to me, just as the previous ones, with his hands open and slightly extended to me. He smiled at me and said to me:

“Do the genuflection and salute”

I’ve done it. I got down on my knees and I said,

“It’s wonderful Lord, I’m so happy”

Always smiling, he said to me:

“This says aloud: “Rejoice, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man is here before me, surrounded by Light. His Hands and His Face shine like the sun. His Gaze is Love and Kindness. And here is what the First and the Last and all of you who are witnesses of this are: rejoice as the Handwoman of the Lord, present here, overflows with joy by the Light he discovers”.

A little moment of silence. The Lord always smiled at me. It was wonderful, and I was smiling myself. He said to me: (Magdalene repeats very loudly):

“Be humble, patient, charitable”

Another break. He told me (to me)

“Kiss the earth 3 times, by penance, for iniquity”

(Magdalene kisses the earth 3 times. All the people present kissed the earth.)

When I raised my head, His Gaze was very sad. He looked at me with great sadness. Then, with this Same Look of sadness, he looked at the people who were present. Then he looked away; his Gaze was sad and grave and far away, as if he discovered the world. When I saw His Look so sad, the tears ran out to me. I asked him:

“Why are you so sad, Lord?”

“I am saddened by the lack of faith. For all who do not love My Father. This says aloud: “Go all in procession to the precise region where the servant of the Lord saw the Glorious Cross and every day, say this humble prayer, followed by a ten of the rosary”

Then Jesus said to me:

“Pray the whole rosary, as well as the people who recite it with you”

Jesus dictated prayer to me, phrase by phrase, and His gaze was always sad and very distant. Here is the prayer he dictated to me slowly:

-Mercy, my God, for those who blaspheme you, forgive them, do not know what they are doing.

-Mercy, my God, for the scandal of the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

– Pity, my God, for those who flee from you. Give them the taste of the Holy Eucharist.

-Mercy, my God, for those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, may they find peace and joy there in God our Savior.

-Mercy, my God, that your kingdom may come, but save them, that it is still time. Because time is near, and behold, I come. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Next, I recited the rosary as the Lord had asked me. Jesus looked at me sadly throughout the time of the rosary. At the end, he said to me:

“Lord, pour out upon the whole world the treasures of your infinite mercy”

I repeated this sentence to finish the prayer. Then Jesus said to me:

“Have the kindness to repeat this:

Vós amici mei estis, si feceritis quae ego praecipio vobis.

When you testify in My Name, be kind enough to repeat this.”


“You will be My friends, if you do what I command you” (Jn 15:14)

The Lord said to me:

“Every time you bear witness in My Name, have the kindness to repeat these words”

I answered very loudly:

“Lord, I will do your will”

Note Father L’Horset:

In Magdalene Aumont’s account of this Apparition of the Lord, she no longer remembers saying this last word. And it gives us one reason:

“I’m the one who said it, without you asking me”

This detail recalls a more general note:

Magdalene fixes in a very precise way what the Lord tells her. On the contrary, she forgets very easily what comes of herself. What she says spontaneously.

Note from Magdalene at the time of her account:

“It seems that His Feet are placed on a flattened stone, with two or three small stones around. Bare feet. His White Robe descends to his feet. The right foot is slightly advanced, we see it more. You only see the tip of your left foot. I see Your Mouth move. speech. Smile. Your Face changes expression. It’s Alive”


The Superior Mother of Blon, Sister B, are present with me. Sister Margaret, Sister M; the girl R. entered a little later, in the course of the apparition.

Let’s talk Magdalene:

“The Lord presented himself in the direction of the Blessed Sacrament exposed, as in the previous apparition. The Lord took the place of the Blessed Sacrament. There was no more altar, no custody. The Lord appears very much of me. Slightly elevated, with his feet placed on a flattened stone, his right foot in advance and slightly uncovered, almost to the ankle. With his left foot largely hidden by the robe. His robe is held by a cord; the opening of the collar, rounded and furrowed, releases a little neck. The sleeves are as wide as those of an alva. This is all one piece. The hair sits on his shoulders; the hands are luminous like the Face; this is wonderful. The rest is white. His Gaze is goodness, very luminous, like the sun… smiled at me with hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. I did the genuflection, I saluted him. Then I got down on my knees and made the sign of the cross, I did it machinely, without Him having had to ask me to ask for it. It is undoubtedly Himself that he makes him do; It is necessary for me to do so. He was silent for a while. And I was admiring this wonder. I was waiting, after a few moments, and he said to me:

“Tell the people here present to say with you the Prayer I taught them, followed by a dozen of the rosary”

The Lord dictated to me the Prayer very slowly, looking at me. I repeated every sentence after Him:

Mercy, my God, for those who blaspheme you, forgive them, do not know what they are doing.

-Mercy, my God, for the scandal of the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

– Pity, my God, for those who flee from you. Give them the taste of the Holy Eucharist.

A break. The Lord said to me, only to me:

“He who does the Will of My Father and who eats from this Bread will live eternally in this Light”

The Prayer continued (very loud):

-Mercy, my God, for those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, may they find peace and joy there in God our Savior.

-Mercy, my God, that your kingdom may come, but save them, that it is still time. Because time is near, and behold, I come. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

Then it was said to tens of the third, very gently and very high. The Lord said it to me. And I waited for every Hail Mary to start over.


If Jesus utters the words of the “Our Father” and the “Hail Mary” it is evidently not to apply them to Himself, Man-God, but to teach them, as when he taught the Lord’s Father to the Apostles.

Then Jesus said:

“Lord, pour out upon the whole world the treasures of your infinite Mercy”

I did not repeat this phrase, absorbed as it was by the presence of Jesus.

I would indefinitely admire him, without saying anything and without asking anything. In fact, there’s nothing to ask. I feel stuck in the same place. There was anything there was, even lightning and I’d be in the same place, that’s not the wonderful. I don’t think about anything around me anymore. It’s a wonder you can’t explain. You have to be right there, really. No word could explain how I feel. To all those who doubt, I can say that there is another world, quite different from the one we are used to seeing.

After prayer was prayed, Jesus said:

This says aloud: “The Glorious Cross, erected in Haute Butte, should be compared to the city of Jerusalem by its vertical dimension. Your arms must extend from east to west. It should be of great luminosity.”

A break.

And it was with a grave air that the Lord said: (Magdalene repeated very loudly):

“This is the Sign of the Son of Man”

“Have it excavated, 100 meters from the place of the Glorious Cross, towards its right arm: from there water will flow. All of you will wash yourselves there, as a sign
of purification”

The Lord bowed to me and said to me discreetly, without determining that I say it aloud:

“Always live in joy. Do not be sorry for the general cataclysm of this generation, for all this must happen. But behold, the Sign of the Son of man appears unto you in Heaven. And now the Time of the Nations must be fulfilled. Everyone will beat her in the chest. After the evangelization of the whole world, then I became Glory myself”

Then Jesus looked at me, smiled at me, and disappeared.

Reflection of Magdalene:

“The Light in which Jesus appears to me is of a beauty, of a clarity, of a cleanness to which no light below can be compared. One has the impression that in this light so clear, one could discover the background of the universe or eternity”


With me, blon’s mother superior, Sister B. Sister M.

Let’s talk Magdalene:

“Christ presented himself as usual, with open hands, and smiled at me. Then he raised his outstretched hands in the shape of a cross. And he said to me, with a very serious air:

“Dozulé is henceforth a blessed and sacred city”

Next, just for Magdalene:

You are living the time of the last effort of evil against Christ. Satan is on the loose, out of his prison. It occupies the entire face of the earth. Gog and Magog, your number is incalculable… No matter what happens, don’t worry. All will be cast into the fire, centuries into the centuries. Happy of him who lets himself be seduced only by the Supreme God”

Then Jesus lowered his hands and arms and resumed His normal position. With open hands outstretched to me and smiled at me at length and said to me:

“My Father is only Goodness, forgive the greatest sinner at the last moment of his life. Tell the repentant dying that the greater their sin, the greater my mercy will be. The very instant that the soul leaves its body, it itself will find itself in this splendid Light, the word of Jesus

Next comes a very serious message for the Bishop. Then a very personal message that only concerns me and that I should keep secret, throughout my life. Then Jesus disappears.


Magdalene Aumont came to the chapel this morning at 9 a.m. In the afternoon, I had to iron on the Sisters. I intended to do so between two visits to the chapel. At 15 o’clock, before doing the work, she came to call, but instead of going to do the work, she was attracted to the chapel.

“Once there, says Magdalene, I felt like I stuck to the place. I couldn’t leave again.

I was present, just like Sister Margaret. There was, then no other person in the chapel. It was 4:28 p.m.: the fifth dozen of his third was going to start. Suddenly, Magdalene says:

“But what happens: I don’t see anymore, I’m afraid! The Lord had told me that he would suffer for sinners, but he had not told me that he would go blind.”

I approach Magdalene: this gives effectively all the appearances of blindness: I had the impression of being completely lost in the night: damp ed, face disfigured; seemed disoriented, lost and panicked.

“Father, what time is it? I want to go back to my house.”

I tried to reassure her, thinking it was the first episode of a mystical phenomenon and not an unexpected ordeal.

“Wait a few moments, this will pass”

I asked Sister Margaret to call Sister B, who arrived immediately. Magdalene was always in the same position; and asked:

Sister B. are you? I don’t see her, I’m blind. Sir, you told me quite clearly that I would suffer, but you had not told me that it would be to go blind. Sister B, you could maybe take me home. Sir, Father, what time is it? I want to go back to my house.”

And I’m like, “Be patient, wait a few minutes.”

But she was always lost, and panicked. Then, suddenly, he stood up, regaining his senses and returning to taste for life, with a living and quiet movement. She herself set out on her way and exclaimed:

“No, I’m not blind; I’m not blind, I see!”

His face had come to be entirely radiant. His eyes had regained their luminosity and reflected joy and peace. A new light had just appeared to him, to which his gaze was now directed. And Magdalene writes:

“Joy took hold of me, seeing this Light, as in previous times, the halo of light formed in the direction of the Santissimo Sacramento, whose place it occupied. Jesus appeared. His left hand was hanging along his body and his right hand placed in his heart. He smiled at me and said to me:

“Why were you afraid? Why did you doubt it? I’m present”

Next, she told me (she repeated it loudly)

“Tell them that every man on this earth is in the darkness anyway”

With His right Hand, he signaled me to approach, extending it to me, and put it again upon his heart. Then he said to me:

“Have the kindness to repeat thi



“Behold, the Lord shall come with power, and light the eyes of his servants. Rejoice in the Lord, rejoice in Magdalene. His heart is willing to wait on the Lord and thus a kind simplicity is reflected in it“.

Next, he told me

“Every time you return to your place, after every communion, put your left hand on your heart and your right hand, crossed over.”

The Lord made that same gesture that I imitated. Jesus smiled at me for a few moments and disappeared.


Your heart is prepared, predestined as it was by a grace of election. Prepared also by the trial you have just endured. This blindness that plunged her into anguish, in the darkness of the eyes and of the spirit; but that it transfor-misspined in the light brighter and clearer than ever, by a kind of resurrection. Indeed, it is precisely resurrection that it is a question, since Magdalene leaves the night, to re-encounter the Light of Christ directly. She herself evokes this passage from death to life, when she writes in her notebooks:

“I think the same will happen to someone who suffers on his deathbed: when the soul leaves the body, it ceases to suffer, because suddenly it feels sweet; and in this true spiritual Light, it is transfigured with Jesus.”

This experience that Magdalene has just lived has the effect of enlightening or clarifying and firming her faith in total trust and abandonment: whatever happens, she is sure to be in God’s hands.

She writes:

“I am in His Hands. We are all in His Hands. He is The Master and makes us what he wants; we must thank him for all the graces he gives us. Whether we see it, whether we hear it, whether we walk, whether we are healthy or happy, it will be thanks to Him and only to Him. And in a single moment, He can take all that away from us. But when we are sure that we are in the Hands of a God, which is all Goodness and All Mercy, that we fear?

“Why are you afraid? Why do you doubt it? I’m there. May the simplicity of the child who is all trust, because he knows himself loved, be reflected in your hearts and in your own face. You have been chosen, Magdalene, to be the reflection of My Love” (Apparition of March 28, 1975)


There are gifts with me, Sister A, Sister B, Sister Margaret, Mrs. Tapin, Miss Vintras, Mrs. Davoult, Miss Groult.

Magdalene says:

“Here’s the

Jesus presented himself, as usual, in the same direction, with hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me and smiled at me. He then lifts his eyes to heaven with a serious and distant look. And he says to me:

“Have the kindness to repeat this: (Raise your Hands into the air in the shape of a cross):




I am the Light of the world, and the Light shines in darkness and darkness has not understood it.

Next, he said: (very loud)

“Penance, Penance, Penance. Kiss the earth 3 times for penance, for lack of faith in the world”

At this point he has resumed his normal position.

Then he said to me:

“Today, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man, visits me for the eighth time. His Hands and His Face shine like the sun. Their robes are of stunning whiteness. His Gaze is Love and Goodness.”

Then, to me, he said:

“Love your neighbor, as I love you. May your neighbor be Love and Goodness, for each of you. Kiss a person present, for love and charity”

I kissed the first person there. It was Sister Mary of the Assumption, blon’s superior general. Next, Jesus added, loudly:

“This gesture is a sign of love and reconciliation for the whole world. Rejoice, O Mary, said the Archangel Gabriel, in the Conception of the Son of Man”

And in a very serious tone:

“Truthly, I say to you, today, the same thing happened. Rejoice, for the time when the Son of Man will come in His Glory is near. Rejoice, rejoice unceasingly in the Lord; may your joy be known to all men, because of the words you have just heard, because of My Name“.

A little break.

“May each of you, in the silence of your heart, ask God for the grace you desire: today it will be given to you.”


They are present, with me, Sister L., Sister Margaret, Miss Vintras, Mrs. Tapin.


“The halo of Light was formed in place of custody. A few seconds later, Jesus presented himself in the usual way, with hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. I admired Him. It’s so wonderful! Jesus smiled at me. I asked him:

(question formulated aloud by Magdalene)

“If you are Christ, why do I never see your wounds? The priest had asked me to ask this question. Jesus smiled at me again, and at the same time he raised his right hand upon me and said to me:

“Peace be with you!” (Without telling me to repeat it)

Then he said:

“Says aloud: (resumed His usual position, and no longer smiled)

Why this disturbance? Why do these thoughts arise in you? For you, priests, who have the mission to accomplish what I ask of you. It’ll be easier to shout, “Miracle.” seeing water gushing from the mountain, that hearing the Lord’s handening utter words he does not know? Men of little faith, remember My Word. (the Voice of Jesus was quite severe).) Those who come in My Name will speak languages unknown to them.

A little moment of silence.

“Have no doubt (this was said only for her). Get up and touch My Hands”

Jesus presented His left Hand and then His right Hand.

We saw Magdalene extend her two hands to the right. Then to the left on each side of custody, as to take the Hands of Christ.

Jesus said: (only for her)

“Don‘t doubt it anymore. A spirit has no hands, no flesh”

Then, says Magdalene, I got down on my knees and He said to me:

“Tell them this: (Very loud)

Don’t doubt it anymore. In fact, it is the Risen Jesus that I see today for the seventh time. I just touched His Hands”

Then I asked him a question, (thus corresponding to the desire of those who had already dug into the mountain in order to obtain water without any result). Magdalene asked the question very loudly:

“Lord, where will it be necessary to dig, to obtain water?

He answered me (very loud):

“The Glorious Cross shall be erected on the high hill, the closest to the edge of the territory of Dozulé, in the exact place where the tree of sin is located, for the Glorious Cross will rescue from all sin. His arms must go from east to west. Each arm should measure 123 meters and its height 6 times longer. will be from these 123 meters that you should measure. But then I opened a 2-meter by six-foot-five grave, six feet deep. Make him a wall and the water will come out of there.”

A few moments later, the Lord says (very loud):

“If your heart is dry, there will be little water, and few will be saved.

And then the Lord says (only to her):




“Put your left hand over your heart and the right put it on top”

Then Jesus disappears.

I returned to my place, where I was collected for a few moments.

As she left the chapel, Magdalene was a true Joy and proclaimed her joy to those who usually surrounded her.

“I played His Hands, she said, I assure you, they were true hands of flesh, of flesh like ours”

At your request, we sing a Magnificat, thanksgiving.

The tank was excavated on Good Friday, April 12, 1974, with the permission of Lord Bishop (Don Badré), by a team of three men.


Three religious sisters from the school and Mrs. Tapin are present with me.


“Jesus presents himself as usual, with open hands. He smiled at me. And I said:

“I feel happy; would be indefinitely in His Presence”

Then He said to me:

“Say this out loud:

The Priest is not wrong, this tree is inclined is the symbol of sin, pluck it, before the fruits appear, and hasten to lift up the Glorious Cross in its place, for the Glorious Cross will rescue from all sin”


The sloping tree, symbol of sin, was uprooted on May 25, 1974.

A break.

Then Jesus put His Hands together on his chest. He looked at me sadly. And I saw two tears come out of his eyes. (I cried at that moment: Jesus was so sad)

Then Jesus said: (Magdalene repeats it very loudly)

“Ai of all mankind, if there is no water in this pit, in the 50 days that follow its conclusion, for Satan prevents the purification of the greatest number. Remember My Word: I myself will let you act, because of lack of faith.”

A moment later:

“Tell the Church, send messages to the whole world and to hurry to have the Glorious Cross erected in the appointed place, and a Sanctuary with it. Everyone will come there to repent and find Peace and Joy. The Glorious Cross or the Sign of the Son of Man is the Proclamation of the next return in Glory of the Risen Jesus. When this Cross is raised upon the earth, I will draw all to Me.

Next, but only me:

“Tell the Father, that I visit you for the seventeenth time, because the Glorious Cross is also The Risen Jesus”


In the fourteenth appearance, it is said:

“Jesus of Nazareth visits me for the eighth time”

Here, the first 6 appearances of the Cross are not taken into account.

In the fifteenth appearance, it is said:

“It is precisely the Risen Jesus that I see for the seventh time”

Here it is necessary to take into account the promise made by Jesus in the eighth apparition:

“Come, every first Friday of the month, I myself will visit you…”

The visits of the first Fridays of the month begin in the ninth appearance. From 9 to 15. There are precisely 7 visits. In the sixteenth apparition, Jesus says:

“Tell the priest that I visit you for the seventeenth time, for the Glorious Cross is also The Risen Jesus”

Here it is necessary to count all the visits of Christ in Person and all the apparitions of the Glorious Cross. Therefore: the first 6 appearances of the Cross; the appearance of the Glorious Cross followed by the Apparition of Christ (seventh apparition). From the eighth to the sixteenth appearance: 6+2+9: 17.


You were present with me, Sister B, Mrs. Davoult, mr. g. Francisco, T. Ghislaine, Inés A.

It’s 8:00; let’s talk Magdalene:

“At the very moment when the Father raises custody for blessing, the halo of light is formed, as usual, in place of the Blessed Sacrament. Like last time, I didn’t see anyone, I didn’t see Jesus Christ. The host was resplendent, with lightning all around her. I heard:

“Says this aloud: “DICITE IN NATIONIBUS”

Tell the nations that God spoke by the mouth of His handsman; she revealed to her that the Great Tribulation is near, for She saw the Sign of the Son of Man, which departs from the east and is quickly in the West. This Sign of the Son of Man is the Cross of the Lord. I say to you, the time has come for the world to repent, for a universal punishment is near, as there has not been from the beginning of the world to this day and as there will never be. When the calamity of the predicted drought is overthe whole world, only the pit that God has commanded to open shall have water, not for consumption, but for you to wash yourselves in it, as a sign of purification; and all of you will come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which God asks the Church to lift up. Then, at this moment, all nations will grieve and it will be on this Cross that they will find Peace and Joy. After these days of anguish, the Son of Man himself will appear in Heaven, with a great Majesty and a Great Power, in order to gather the elect from the 4 corners of the earth. Happy the repentant, for they will have eternal life. Truthly I say unto you, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Finally, the Lord said to me: (only to her)

“Tell them that there will be no other sign but the Sign of God Himself. The only visible sign is the attitude of His hand-held and her words, which are Words of God and these Words are irrefutable”.

These last words were entrusted to him by the Lord, at the very moment when the Priest, in a silent prayer, asked for a sign, thus being an interpreter of the episcopal curia.



At the time of this apparition, Magdalene is alone in the chapel.

Let’s let her do her report:

“I go to the chapel, to put a candle there, as every Friday. After a few moments of worship, the Lord appeared to me, as usual, to prayer-dido of a halo of light. You didn’t tell me anything. I was in worship about 10 minutes, then everything disappeared. After this apparition, I had the feeling that the Lord would return to The Fridays of Lent”.


They were present with me, Sister B, Sister Margaret.

Magdalene says:

“I went to the chapel. The Father was already present. At 3:10 p.m., the Lord appeared to me.

And it was with a serious air that he said to me: (only to her)

“Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God and by Him that you have prophesied”

A few moments later.

“Then, may he himself carry the message that they have the burden of fulfilling it, with confidence and humility, because there is little time left to do what I ask”

He smiled at me, and I said to him:

“What a joy for me to see you again!”

Magdalene asked aloud:

“How many times will I see you again?”

He smiled at me and he didn’t answer me. After a few moments, everything disappeared.


They were present with me, Sister Margaret, Sister N, Mrs. A.


“The Lord presented me, as usual, with his hands hanging along his body. He smiled at me. He put His left hand on his chest and raised his right hand as to bless. His Face is not all serious. His expression and that of His Eyes were of extreme goodness and great sweetness. At the end of a few moments, he said to me: (just for her)

“Say to the priest, I want to pour out my Mercy in human hearts; first, in those who know the Message and then to the whole world. May those who have the charge to raise up the Glorious Cross be not blind, for there shall be no other sign but that of this prophesied, which has been called from darkness to light. In fact, sign, there will be no other, because this generation is the most hypocritical and the worst possible”

Before he left me, he lowered his hands and arms along the Body. He smiled at me and disappeared.


People present with me: Mrs. A; Mr. Pierre C, Mrs. Lericollais, Miss Vintras.


“The Lord presented himself as usual and smiled at me. He said to me:

“Tell the priest (at that moment, he looked at the priest) that this city, which is blessed and sacred, will be protected from all calamity, particularly every home that says every day the Prayer I taught them, followed by a ten of the rosary”

He looked at me, stretched out his hands to me, with the right more advanced. I could see their palms. He said to me:

“It is to you that I address (smiled me). Be humble, but don’t accept any help from yourself. You have nothing to expect from this world, but your joy will be immense in the other.”

Jesus lowered his hands and everything disappeared.

Having made the priest notice to Magdalene that the apparition had lasted six minutes, she gave him this answer:

“That the appearance lasts 6 minutes or a quarter of an hour or more, time does not count for me. After the apparition, I have the impression that I must not have aged. But then I return to time and shadow”


Sister Margaret, Mrs. A, Mrs. Lericollais and Mrs. P.C.


“Behold the Light! The Lord presented me with his right hand on his chest and the other one tapping over his body. He smiled at me and said to me: (only her)

“Persevere, Magdalene, in prayer, in fasting, and in abstinence; endure without fearing the mockery and misdemeanours that will rise against you. Because few will believe the words that will come out of your mouth. But the priest can testify that the Invisible Presence is reflected in your face. After these days of fasting, you will have the burden of a heavy task”

I said to him:

“What if I can’t accomplish that task?”

“If I give you a task to do, it will be because you can do it”

Before he left, he said to me:

“Cross your hands on your chest, as I taught you!”

The Lord smiled and disappeared.

Impressions of Magdalene:

“His Gaze is full of Goodness, of an inexpressible sweetness… no one has a look like that: clear, more clear than the look of a child, without wrinkles, although the traces are well marked. When you see His Body, you get the impression that He is at time body and spirit, and that spirit! Purity, cleanness, holiness, were transsed from all over His Body. On the other hand, when He speaks, does not research, never deceives, never hesitates”

Magdalene adds:

“Pure and Luminous, like the Cross I saw, shadowless luminosity, wrinkle-free freshness, cleanness without stain. Impossible to define; so impossible to express as my inner joy at the moment of my Communion, in which I first felt His Presence”


They were present with me, Sister Margaret, Sister M, Mrs. Lericollais and Mrs. A.


“The Lord presented himself, as usual, with Hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me and said to me:

“Start tomorrow a novena, to prepare for the task I will ask you. This novena consists of a mystery per day, followed by the Prayer I taught you and the tens of the rosary. Say it with recollection and humility.”

I asked him:

“And when you will let me know, Lord, what task shall I have to do?”

He said to me:

“Good Friday”

He smiled at me and disappeared.


8:30 p.m.: about 50 people gathered inside the Church to participate in the celebration of the Passion. In the choir was the parish choir: Mrs. T, next to the organist, Mrs. Maria tereza, at the top of the nave, is Magdalene.

I hasten to leave my seat in order to head to the booth. At that very moment, Magdalene leaves her place and advances to the High Altar. I go back to the place, a little collected. I would thus have every possibility to attend this unforeseen ceremony.

Magdalene presents herself before the High Altar. So I don’t understand what could somehow attract her? I’ve been particularly intrigued since the night before. In the celebration of Holy Thursday, the Holy Reserve was removed from the tabernale of this high altar and was placed on the altar of the repository, in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin, situated a few meters on the other side of the high altar.

Magdalene therefore comes, with great surprise from me, kneels before an empty tabernabernator, whose door, moreover, according to the planned headings, was between-open. Therefore, there should be some mistake in this. I later had the explanation when Magdalene described to me the circumstances of the Apparition:


“From my place, I realized the Light, just as It appeared to me before every apparition. Just further away than usual. The high altar was gone and the Light appeared in the background. The Lord presented himself as usual, with Hands outstretched to me. I put myself on my knees and the Lord said to me:

“Says this out loud: (she repeated it very loudly)

Why do you weep for the death of Jesus Crucified, when He Himself is alive among you today? Pray before for those who today, even more than yesterday, persecute Him”

Then the Lord said to me: (only her)

“Go back three steps. You will repeat what I dictate to you, arm in cross”

I pulled back three steps and put myself arm-in-arm. At this moment, the Lord crossed his hands, raised his eyes to heaven, as to pray. His Eyes were grave and sad. I myself felt His sadness. I repeated very loudly, one after another, each of the phrases He dictated to me:

“Mercy, my God, for those who blaspheme you, forgive them, that they do not know what they do.

Mercy, my God, for the scandal of the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

Mercy, my God, for those who today, even more than yesterday, persecute you, pour your Mercy into human hearts”

The Lord has lowered his hands. At that moment, I saw a Ball, on which His Feet were landed. Held out his hands quite high for assistance. From each of His Hands came rays, some white, some red.

The Lord, all this time, looked for assistance. And he said to me,

“Tell them this (she repeated it loudly): Know that Jesus of Nazareth triumphed from death, that his kingdom is eternal, and that He comes to overcome the world and time.”

I felt a great joy. I felt that the Lord ruled the earth. It seemed to me that He himself was coming in Power and Glory.

Then he said to me:

“It was by the Glorious Cross, which Magdalene saw on this very day, three years before; it will be by the Glorious Cross, which is the Sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved. Jesus, who is in our presence at this time, asks you to go all in procession to the region where the Glorious Cross appeared. Go and repent there and there, you will find peace and joy. Jesus asks that every year a solemn Feast be celebrated there on this day.”



“The Lord made known by Magdalene His Salvation”

The Lord tells me: (only me)

“Write down what I’m going to tell you. As you re-enter your home”

(it was for me personally, and I didn’t repeat it out loud)

Jesus smiled at me. He held out His right hand to me. The earth is gone. Just like the rays that have come out of your hands. And he says to me:

“You have been chosen, Magdalene, to be the reflection of My Love. That’s why you were entirely inflamed in Him. After this Glorious Day, do you want to have the kindness to accomplish a great task?”

And I said, (really loud)

“Be done your will”

Then just for me:

“Have the Prayer I taught you write 320 times and be My adtoll. He will say in every home of this city, to its borders, that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed from death, that His Kingdom is eternal, and that He Himself comes to overcome the world and time.”

Say it out loud.” (she repeated it loudly)

“You live time in every event is the sign of the Written Word”

Again, just for me:

I wish them to say every day this Prayer, followed by a dozen of the rosary. Every home you say, with great confidence, will be protected from all cataclysm. Then I myself will pour out my mercy in my hearts. If anyone asks you, who sends you, you will say that it is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man. Remember: do not be have the humiliations, the misdeeds and the mockery that will rise against you. You will be ooused because of My Name, but endure to the end. If you wish, it will accompany you to someone. You have all your time to accomplish this task. To the home, whose door is closed to you, you will not return.”

Say this out loud:

“Sin came into the world because of man. And that is why I ask the man to raise the Glorious Cross. Tell them that after, I will come to Glory and you yourselves will see Me, as this handless man of mine sees Me”

Jesus is gone.

I got up and turned to the Church. When I saw the assist, I didn’t dare go back to my seat. The Priest signaled me to come sit on the side ship by the sacristy door.

After the Ceremony, returning to her home, Magdalene had a firm intention to immediately transcribe what the Lord had asked of her:

“Now, when I came back into my house, I saw myself unable to write, because my family was present. At the same time, everyone went up to go to bed and that’s when I found myself alone with my two little children, Ghislaine and Bruno. And then I was able to write what the Lord said to me.

(entrusted to the parish priest the next day)

After the celebration of passion, before the faithful left the Church, I recommended that they not comment on what had just unfolded in their own eyes, fearing dubious or untimely interpretations. I added that if anyone wanted explanations, I would be at their disposal myself: that they come to me.

A person who had stayed in the church came to meet me:

“Lord Father, Mrs. Aumont, has really played her part very well”


“She had no role to play. Christ appeared to her and dictated to her a Message which she herself transmitted to us”

From then on, this lady, who was not aware of the apparitions, came regularly to the chapel every first Friday of the month. (1)

(1) We will read about this apparition of March 28, 1975, the beautiful testimony that relates to her the book of Odette de Lannoy: “Dozulé, a witness in the service of truth”(F.X. Guibert)


At 3:00 p.m., Magdalene went to the chapel for a few moments of worship and put on a candle, as she does every Friday. I was alone.


“The Lord presented himself with open hands, outstretched to me. He smiled at me. Then he said to me:

“Tell the priest, I wish the whole world to know the Message. Priests should speak openly and fearlessly. Indeed, none of what must be revealed should be hidden”.

The Lord smiled at me for a few moments and then disappeared.

That lasted about two to three minutes. A half an hour later, I realized what I heard for the priest:

“I was alone in the chapel. I didn’t see the halo of light that usually precedes the apparition, and I stayed in my place. I didn’t feel like I was invited to come and kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. I saw the Host project red and white rays all around, as had happened in the previous two appearances. The rays are not immovable, as they are apparently the rays of the sun. They are constantly excited of a flicker, which is a kind of perpetual renewal. This lasted about two to three minutes. There was no message, no voice. However, in my eyes, custody had disappeared and given way to the radiant Host”.


Magdalene is alone in the chapel.


“Jesus smiled at me, as usual. His Gaze is of infinite goodness. Tell me:

“Tell the priest that we are no longer in the time when I was resurrecting the bodies. But the time has come when I must resurrect the spirits. Those who claim, in today’s world, to resurrect and heal bodies in My Name, are not worthy of My Father of Heaven. Magdalene, go and proclaim My Message from Dozulé. The task I gave you to do, you must fulfill it. Do not be afraid, that I myself will give you the strength to
do so”

The Lord smiled at me:

“This city has blessed and blessed My Own Father, and all who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I myself will resurrect them in the Spirit of My Father. All of them there will find Peace and Joy.”

Jesus took on a more serious air:

The first nun who gave you the kiss, bringing with her the message, does not believe the words that came out of your mouth. She despises you. Don’t treat her coldly. Be charitable.”

Jesus is gone.

Parish priest’s note:

These words of Christ intrigued Magdalene greatly. And she participated in me:

“Father, I don’t understand anything…. if you understand something…”

“Magdalene, I answered you, there is certainly a relationship between these words that have been spoken and these letters that I have received in these last days, from a young woman named Ana. I drew his attention to them, and read him the next two letters.”

FIRST LETTER 5/19/1975


We come from Cherbourg and return to Amiens. We stopped in Dozulé before leaving this charming little town. I feel the need to tell you:

Yesterday, as I entered the Church, I suddenly felt possessed by an entirely new joy. A joy that comes from the inside. I believe I have found Christ in Her. I believe he calls me himself. I think a new life will begin for me. I feel that resurrected, I who am sad and sick.

I’m 15 years old. I’m in very fragile health… materially, I don’t lack anything. I have a brother. I pray to come when and when I can, I go to mass. But the joy I found today in this Church of Dozulé makes me suddenly happy to live, to me who felt truly discouraged by the disease.

I’ve been being treated for a long time. I don’t have the strength. I know I have cancer. I thank Christ. I’ll sing to you every day, thinking about Dozulé. Every year, on the day of Pentecost, my parents make this route Cherbourg-Amiens. Next year, I’ll try to pay you a visit, if my health allows me.

Father, pray for my healing. If I heal myself, I will give glory to Christ in Dozulé. But my spirit is healed, because I am full of joy, a joy that all the saints must experience. Indeed, Dozulé gave me back the joy of living…. I’m going to see the priest of our city, to let you know all this.



Father, since Dozulé has brought me so much joy, I seek you once more. The last journey weakened me; my strength shashes from day to day. They’re trying to hide it from me, but it’s leukemia.

Everything makes me tired, even writing.

While I still can, I intended to tell you once more, in the hope that i have received my letter, written in Dozulé, that this city, or rather this church, filled me with joy; an entirely new joy, which made me discover Christ. If my 15-year-old body is dying, my ever younger spirit is resurrecting in God, the Savior of the world. And I am happy, because I will die in joy and peace, just as I will die giving thanks to Christ, who wanted me to come to Dozulé for the last journey, to discover Him and thus give me the joy of dying to be resurrected in His Love.

Father, I took advantage of writing to you while my parents went out all day, but this tires me out and I wrote this letter in three steps. In my letter written in Dozulé, I asked him to pray for my healing; But no, it’s useless. I’m going to meet Christ and I’m very happy about it. This unclean world horrifies me. I will die, but my spirit lives in joy; a joy that Christ gave me in Dozulé.


After reading these letters to Magdalene, she understood that there was wonderful agreement in them with the message of May 30, 1975, in which you declared:

“Tell the priest that we are no longer in the time when I was resurrecting the bodies, but the time has come when I must resurrect the spirits”


Magdalene came to the chapel at 3:00. After a quarter of an hour of worship, prepare to leave.

“By 3:15 p.m., she says, the Light presented itself as usual and Christ appeared. He had his right hand outstretched and the other hand was pending. He smiled at me and then he said:

“Tell the religious (this religious, Sister Joan of ‘arc, she was in charge of the school’s accounting, which gave her occasion to make regular visits to her) that she does not live in this city, that she is kind enough to come here on Friday. Get ready to write. By your own mouth, I myself will transmit a Message to you”

You smiled at me for a few seconds and disappeared.


I had just announced the third dozen to the people present who prayed the rosary with me. But we gave Magdalene the floor:

“The Light appears. Jesus looks at me and then sister Joan of Arc. I left my place to come and kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus says to me:

“Say this out loud:

Here’s what the religious should write:

(Sister Joan of Arc transcribes abbreviated the Message communicated by Magdalene’s mouth)

“This letter addressed to the Head of the Church. It is Jesus who dictates it to you by the mouth of His handwork. He says:

Blessed are the calls of My Father, who have found Peace and Joy in this land of Dozulé. But how great will your number be when everyone comes to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross which I ask you to lift up. Indeed, we are not already in the time when I was resurrecting the bodies, but the time has come when I must resurrect the spirits.

Understand this well:

In the days leading up to the flood, people suspected nothing until the flood came, which led them all. But today, you are already warned of him, you live the time when I told you:

“There will be revolutions of all kinds in this land; it is wickedness, which is the cause of misery and hunger. Nations will live in anguish and there will be phenomena and signs in heaven and on earth.”

So be prepared. Indeed, the Great Tribulation is near, just as there was no similar to it from the beginning of the world until that very day and there will never be again.

I tell you, this young generation will not pass before all this happens. But fear not of anything, for in the meantime the Sign of the Son of man rises in heaven, which Magdalene saw shining from east to west.

To you, heads of the Churches, i say so to you: it is by this Cross erected in the world that nations will be saved. My Father sent me to save, and the time has come when I must pour out my Mercy into human hearts.”

Then, lower, just the Magdalene:

“My Message should not sleep in a drawer, but it must be true and Light to the whole world”

And then, again, really loudly:

“This Glorious Cross must be erected for the end of the holy year. This holy year is expected to extend until the elevation of the Glorious Cross. That’s how My Letter ends. I order you to send her yourself to the Head of the Church, accompanied by a superior”.

A few seconds later, Jesus disappeared.

Once this Letter was dictated by the Lord to Sister Joan of arc and immediately transcribed by her, Magdalene, contrary to her custom, forgot to impart its content.


On this same day, the Mother Superior of Blon and Sister Joan of Arc must be received by Mons. Badré, in São Paulo de Caen at 16 hours. Magdalene, at 3:00 p.m., she’s headed to the chapel, like every Friday. Sister Margaret and Mrs. A. were present. Sister Margaret said:

“The meeting is 4:00”

Magdalene said a dozen of the third and then left. Come back at 4:00.

Here’s what she realizes to me, 15 minutes later:

“I saw the Light in the tabernabernamy, without anyone appearing to me. I just heard a voice that said to me:

“Tell the priest, the nuns and the two people who know the Message, to come here at 5:00 p.m.”

The Light is gone.

At 5:30 p.m., Sister B is present in the chapel with me; Sister Margaret, Sister M, Mrs. G, Mrs. T. and Magdalene.

Let’s talk Magdalene:

“As Jesus asked, I came to the chapel, as did the priest, the nuns, and the two people who know the Message. At the indicated time, the Light appears and a few seconds later, Jesus presents himself, hands outstretched to me; then he raises his right hand as to bless me, with his index finger and thumb higher and says:

“Make the sign of the cross”

What I’ve done. Then Jesus crosses his hands at breast height and then lifts his sad and grave gaze to Heaven. And he says:

“Father, may your will be done on this earth”

His gaze was of great sadness. It was like that for a few moments. Then resume your normal position. And he says to me:

“Say it out loud”

Right now, look for the assistance.

“You priests and religious in charge of the message, do not let humanity run for its loss. I asked you to work to raise the Glorious Cross. Don’t you see that the time has come, because of the events that are happening? Time goes by and My message continues in the shade. If so, the number of saved will be small; but as for you, who do not put the Word of My Father running, your punishment will be great. Do not use wisdom and reflection, but I have heard the folly of the message… because it is through this Message that it pleases God to save the world. Do not be like the Jews, who ask for signs; by this One definitive Message, which God revealed his hand-held (the words that came out of his mouth are not human words) and for what The Spirit taught him, the moment has come when I must pour out my Mercy into human hearts. But let those who have the burden of the Message know well that they are the ones who prevent Me from it, for they leave the world in ignorance. The days will be abbreviated, because of those who do not put into practice the Word of God”.

Jesus says:

“Take off your shoes, and then come out of the chapel and walk, until your feet fall on the earth; then back here”

What I’ve done. When I came back to my knees before Jesus, He said to me:

“You are not even worthy to set foot upon this land of Dozulé, which My Father blessed and blessed”

Then Jesus resumes his resplendent face of kindness and sweetness. He smiles at me and then he says:

“I am the God of Goodness and Love. My Mercy is infinite. If My Words today are cruel, it is not to condemn you, but on the contrary, I want to save the world with My Message”

Jesus smiles at me and then disappears.


Sister Joan of Arc noted the message as Jesus had asked her. He dictated it so slowly that she had all the time to write it. She waits for the bishop to give you the order, to deliver it to the Holy Father.*

After a week of hesitation, Don Badré forbade Sister Joan of Arc to go to Rome.


Friday, December 5, 1975 at 6:45 PM

It was almost time for worship. The little chapel was full. Despite the numerous assembly, my joy is so great when I see the Light, that I do not resing to cry:

“Here’s the light”

I stood up and stood before the most holy. Immediately, Jesus appears to me, smiling, with his hands outstretched to me as to welcome me.

It’s so beautiful, what an inexpressible sweetness! I see nothing but Jesus of love. I’m not in the chapel anymore, nothing else exists, I don’t think about anything else, I don’t feel my body anymore; I think he is dead, that there is nothing but my spirit united with the spirit of Jesus. When you’re dead, I think that’s what you feel.

Jesus says to me:

“Say out loud what you’re going to see”

In this he takes His hand to your chest. I must explain what I will see, for Jesus asks me. So I say it out loud:

“With His left hand, Jesus diverts His tunic from his chest…. (Jesus smiles at me and says, “From His Heart”; then I return aloud:) “From His Heart, red and white rays are. Your right hand is directed at us.”

I repeat every sentence he dictates to me with great sweetness:

“The flames of My Heart burn Me. More than ever, I want to direct them to each of you. Here’s what I promise the whole of humanity when I know My Message and put it into practice:

I will sweeten the bitterness in which the souls of sinners drown.

-I will fill with graces the priestly and religious souls, for it is for them that My Message must be known.

-I will keep near my heart the godly souls of the faithful; they have comforted Me on the way to Calvary.

-I will pour out the rays of My Grace, the moment you know My Message, about the pagans and all those who do not yet know Me.

-I will draw into the Unity of the Church the souls of heretics and apostates.

-I will receive in the Abode of My Heart the children and the humble souls, so that they may keep a special affection for Our Father of Heaven.

-I will give thanks of all kinds to those who, knowing My Message, to endure to the end.

-I will relieve the souls of Purgatory, My Blood will extinguish your burns.

-I will rewarm hardened hearts, indifferent souls, those that most deeply hurt My Heart.

-I promise all those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, and that they say every day the prayer I have taught them, that in this life Satan will have no more power over them, and that for all a time of filth, in an instant, they will become pure and be children of God for eternity. My Father, whose goodness is infinite, wants to save humanity that is on the edge of the abyss. With this Last Message, you must be prepared. Know that it will be the moment when you will no longer believe that the Message will be fulfilled, for you know neither the day nor the time when I will return in Glory.”

All the time Jesus dictated His promises, red and white rays came out of His Heart. Then he resumed his normal position and said:

“In 20 days, you will begin a novena, which will end on the first Friday of the month. I will tell you every day the prayer I have just taught you. This novena will prolong the Holy Year.”

Yes, Jesus had said to me, “in 20 days”; it was then for Christmas 1975.

I spent these 20 days in hope, prayer, and recollection. I counted the days. My joy was great. I was like a young lady waiting for her fiancé before her return 20 days later.

O my Jesus, how sweet this hope was to me; I sighed every day, and every time a journey ended, I was told, “There are only so many days left,” and I thought I would soon see you again. This hope was sweet to me, but very long.

Christmas Eve has finally arrived. For every Christian, Christmas is the birth of the Savior. What a wonderful day, the day of the Savior’s birth. But how great was my joy on that Christmas Day! The Savior was going to visit me; I felt so united to Him, this Jesus all love, all mercy.

Midnight Mass was truly a birth; i thought of the whole world, of all the wretched, of all the abandoned, of all unbelievers; I asked Jesus to make them share in my great joy, which Jesus gives His friends, the spiritual joy that would have elevated me to Heaven.

I must not have slept the rest of the night, the sweet Christmas Eve.

Almost 2,000 years earlier, on that Christmas Day, God had given His Son Jesus to save us all. On that very Day of Christmas, this same Jesus came in the small chapel of Dozulé, to give us all His goodness, all His Mercy and his promises.

Oh! How beautiful that Christmas Day of 1975 was!


25 December 1975-Christmas of the Lord- 15:15 hours first day

I arrived at the chapel at 3:00. As I knew Jesus was coming, my heart was pounding and I had difficulty holding my breath. I waited about 15 minutes that seemed endless to me. I couldn’t even pray so happy I was.

At 15:15 sharp (I had just heard the touch of the quarter of an hour in the church) I saw the crown of Light in the Most Holy, and I went ahead, as usual.

At that moment, my heart had come to a hard beat; It really seemed to me that he didn’t hit anymore, that all his life had moved away from me.

I knelt down; Jesus did not appear in this Light, but I heard a strong voice that said to me:

“God spoke to men. Listen to His Voice, those in charge of the Message. Because of their lack of faith, the whole world will experience great catastrophes that will devastate the four corners of the earth. What you live at this moment is just the beginning of the pain. Humanity will not find peace until it knows My Message and does not put it into practice.”

An instant after I have heard and repeated this aloud, Jesus appears to me and says to me:

“You want to be kind enough to come here for eight days in a row. You will make a novena that I will dictate to you every day. My Father, whose goodness is infinite, wants to make His Message known to the world to avoid catastrophe. More than ever, I want to pour a wave of My Grace into all these souls in distress. Here is what I promise each of these souls when they know My Message and put it into practice.”

In this Jesus puts his hand on His Heart; he diverts His tunic and from it red and white rays go out. The other hand is extended to me, to you, to the world.

Jesus says (and I repeat every sentence):

“The first day I will sweeten the bitterness where the souls of sinners drown. Say to me, “Our Father” (Jesus prays him whole with me, very slowly). Say three times: “Hail Mary” (recite alone)

Then I repeat:

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest of heaven, peace and joy on earth to the men he loves”

Jesus says:

“You’ll say this every day”

Then it disappears.


December 26, 1975 at 17:15- second day.

The Light, then the Lord presents himself as the day before. He puts His left Hand on His Heart: red and white rays go out of him. Your right hand is extended to the world. Jesus did not ask me to repeat it, but I realized that after every sentence He waited, so that I would say it in my turn.

“The second day. I will fill with gracethe souls of priests and religious, for it is for them that My Message must be known.”

Jesus says:

“Our Father”, and I continue to pray alone; then He asks:

“Say 3 times Hail Mary”

Which I said too alone. Jesus then continued (and I repeated it):

“For Your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest of heaven, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves”

He removes His left hand, reaches out both hands to me, smiles at me and disappears.


December 27, 1975, at 17:15 third day

From my place, I see the light that appears to me as usual. The moment I get up, Jesus appears to me, with his hands open, outstretched to me. I went ahead, then I knelt down and saluted him.

At this moment, red and white rays spring from His Heart, and He says:

“The third day. I will keep near My Heart the godly and faithful souls; they have comforted me on the way to Calvary.”

Jesus then says, “Our Father,” and I continue the prayer alone.

He resumes: “Hail Mary”, and I remain alone the 3 Hail Marys.

He goes on:

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest of heaven, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves”

And he asks me:

Make the sign of the cross, ”

What I do and disappears…

The rays that come out of His Heart must spread over all repentant sinners and upon all who invoke Him.


December 28, 1975, at 17:15 hours- fourth day

From my place, I see the Light. Soon Jesus appears to me, with his hands outstretched to me. smile at me, then says:

“The fourth day”

Pronouncing this, as each time, Jesus, with a slow gesture of His left hand, lets His Heart appear. Soon, red and white rays come out of him. Advance Your Right Hand to me; the palm is visible.

Then I repeat what you say to me:

“I will pour out the rays of My Grace, the moment you know My Message, to the pagans and to all those who do not yet know me.”

Jesus says, “Our Father.”

It seems that I did not pronounce “Our Father”, for I continued after Him “that you are in heaven”.

Then Jesus says, “Hail Mary” and I continued alone; without realizing it, i said it only twice.

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world”

At this moment, Jesus removes His left Hand from His breast; advance the two hands raises his eyes to the sky and says stronger:

“Glory to God in the highest of Heaven, and peace on earth to the men He loves”

Then he looks at me and he says to me:

“Make the sign of the cross” and disappear


December 29, 1975. At 18:30 fifth day

That day my children were at home and I could not go to the chapel at 5 pm like the other days; I wasn’t attracted to it either.

My family left at 6:00 and suddenly, at 6:30, something spurred me to go to the Chapel. I noticed the Light on my arrival, then Jesus introduced himself to me as usual and said:

“The fifth day”

Rays of His Heart and I repeat each sentence:

“I will draw the souls of heretics and apostates to the Unity of the Church.

Our Father…Hail Mary”

Jesus prays the beginning of the 3 Hail Marys, perhaps because of my forgetfulness of one of them the day before.

Then I repeated:

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest of heaven, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves. Make the sign of the cross”

yes. His hands fell softly, Jesus looked at me, smiled at me, then disappeared.


December 30, 1975, at 17:30 sixth day

The Light manifested itself first. Christ took a while to arrive; appeared to me only when I knelt before the Light.

Red and white rays are out of His Heart. He extends his right hand to the assembly and says:

The sixth day. I will receive in the Abode of My Heart the children and the humble souls, so that they may keep a special affection for Our Father of Heaven.

“Our Father…

That I pray alone as well as the 3 Hail Marys; after:

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest of heaven, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves. Make the sign of the cross”

I’d forget maybe if Jesus didn’t tell me every time. Soon after He disappears.


December 31, 1975 at 17:15 seventh day

I see the Light, Jesus presents himself as usual, with his hands outstretched to me; He puts His left hand on His Heart, where red and white rays come from; Your Hand (right) is extended to the assembly.

I repeat what He tells me:

The seventh day. I will give thanks of every kind, to those who knowing My Message, to endure to the end.

“Our Father”; “Hail Mary.”

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest heavens, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves.”

In this the rays are go out, His tunic is fix, and His hands are again extended to me. Without needing me to repeat it, Jesus says to me:

“In three days, go to the authority of this city that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed from death, that His kingdom is eternal, and that He comes to overcome the world and time. If he asks you who sends you, you will tell him that he is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Risen Man. Take the Message to her, let her know. Tell him that God instructs him to return to the Church the land from which he must become the owner.”

I said to him, “But will I be poorly received perhaps?”

Jesus smiled at me and said to me:

“Your appearance will be rude, but your heart will be transformed; his dignity will not let him appear”

I said, “Lord, I will do your will. ”

Jesus disappears.

The parish priest was absent during this apparition. On the occasion of his return, Sister Bruno transmitted to him the message he had written in his absence.

I had the intention of going to the mayor as Jesus had asked me, but the priest again forbade me to go. The bishop was absent and nothing should be done without consulting him.

Who to obey? Christ or the Church?

It was the second time I had sobced to Jesus. Each time the priest forbids me – but I also know that obedience has its value.

That day, I don’t know why, I went to the Chapel. I got out of there very calmly. I had just found peace and thought I would do nothing without the permission of the parish priest of the Church.


Despite Father L’Horset’s ban. Magdalene obeyed Christ’s order and went to the mayor, accompanied by Lady A. He listened to them with benevolence and contacted the priest who was unhappy with such an act.


January 1, 1976 at 17:40 eighth day

The Light, then I immediately see Jesus take His left hand to His Heart from which red and white rays come out. I believe that the reds are more numerous; they are like blood that flows from a source, the Source of Life; are alive, rise a little and spread in a fan down, like jets of water on the grass; are constantly renewed.

As in the preceding days, I repeat aloud what Jesus says to me:

“The eighth day. I will relieve the souls of Purgatory. My blood will extinguish your burns.”

Our Father…., Hail Mary(3 times).

“For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest heavens, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves.”

Then take the hand from His Heart and the rays disappear as of the previous times. He says:

“Make the sign of the cross”

Smile at me and disappear.


Friday, January 2, 1976 at 5:53 pm

It’s the ninth and final day of the novena. The light, then Jesus appears as usual, the red and white rays come out of His Heart.

I repeat aloud what He says to me:

“The ninth day. I will rewarm hardened hearts, indifferent souls, those that most deeply hurt My heart.

“Our Father, Hail Mary… (3 times).

For your painful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world. Glory to God in the highest heavens, peace and joy on earth to the men He loves.”

Then Jesus says to me:

“Say this out loud:”

And I repeat every sentence after Him:

“I promise souls that they will repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross and say every day the prayer I have taught them, that in this life Satan will no longer have power over them, and that for a long time of filth, in an instant, they will become pure and be daughters of God for eternity. My Father, whose goodness is infinite, wants to save humanity, which is on the edge of the abyss. For this Last Message, you must be prepared. Make the sign of the cross”

What I’ve done. Then Jesus lowers his hands and tells me (without having to repeat it):

“Without saying a word, meditate in your hearts on the words you have heard. Despite the time that will eat, your faith must be unwavering.”

Jesus smiles at length at me and disappears.

Here are the wonderful 9 days ended. The last words Jesus had just said to me made me believe i would not see Him so soon. The days, the weeks, the months run. Jesus doesn’t show up anymore. Your message is undoubtedly finished.

But despite the message that Jesus asks to proclaim to the world and which the Church is in charge of recognizing, I am in a great peace that Jesus enveloped me before leaving me.

I pray, however, for those who have a responsibility to proclaim to the world the very serious message of Jesus.

I pray for those who doubt. May Jesus enlighten you so that His prophetic words that have come out of my mouth may be heard, and that what He asks may be realized.

“O my God, your kingdom come to us. But let your Message spread throughout the world, so that in every home of our little land, the prayer you have taught me may be prayed with great faith and great trust. Lord, spread the treasures of your infinite mercy upon the whole world. Aman.

Jesus is always present in my heart, especially after every communion. Since April 12, 1970, He has always manifested himself to me in the consecrated host. When you told me one day:

“I will visit you to the elevation of the Glorious Cross”

It may be perhaps that I will continue to visit Me, for after each communion I feel His presence and the wonderful joy that gives me. After each communion, I ask you in a prayer that I composed with the help of the Holy Spirit:

“My Lord and my God, make known to all who receive you in holy Communion, the spiritual joy you have given me. May they draw as I do, in every communion, from the true joys of Your Presence. Give to all who receive you, this wonderful love, this inexplicable joy that I possess after these months. Let all who commune with me experience the same proportion of love and enthusiasm for you. Aman”



Here lies the only appearance of the demon in Dozulé’s message. It took place on December 10, 1976 and was explained to Magdalene in the 50th apparition by the archangel Michael. In 1976 a man arrived in Dozulé who was the source of the dissemination of the message: Geraldo Cordonnier.

Father L’Horset had made contact with the scholar João Guitton about one of his writings. He replied that the author of such a reflection was Geraldo Cordonnier, a polytechnic engineer, particularly interested in contemporary apparitions. After the bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux’s authorization, Father L’Horset warned him of Dozulé’s message. For 9 months, Geraldo went from Paris to Dozulé, every weekend to do a very serious research. Housed in the parish house, he questioned At length Magdalene and several witnesses. Finally, he informed the religious authorities of his favorable conclusions and began spreading the message kept secret, despite the orders of Christ.


That Friday, December 10, 1976, I invited Geraldo to come to the chapel.

After 20 minutes of recollection, I saw “the archangel Michael” leave the wall(1) to the left of the tabernacle. He said to me:

“I greet you, say to Geraldo that It is to him that I address: Geraldo, you who have welcomed the message with so much love, do what your conscience dictates t
o you after every recollection. You will let yourselves be guided by God. Those who do not want to hear the message will not be called children of God.”

I was inside the Chapel and I didn’t feel transported to heaven like when Jesus appeared.


Friday, 1 July 1977

The priest had gone to Caen (or Bayeux) to see the bishop. Sister Bruno had also been absent. I was just with Mrs. T. at that moment, in the chapel.

A snare and the archangel Michael presents himself, to the left of the Most Holy; I kneel before him, but he makes me a sign with his left hand, which is free, to approach the Most Holy. I withdraw then, and the moment I kneel before the Most Holy, This projects red and white rays, without me seeing. Jesus is there in truth, for I feel impregnated with his rays.

The archangel says to me:

“I salute you.”

He greets me with his head and says to me:

“Godly fiery daughter of charity, God has established in His Church, first the Apostles, according to the prophets, and third the doctors, and any other he chooses. But you, in this world today, apostle and prophet, have acted with each one according to your heart; The Comforter guides you. God made known what should happen tomorrow at dawn, bearing witness to what you have seen, heard, and touched of Jesus Christ. Ai of the world, however, because of the daring priests who fight and refuse. God is anger against this refusal of obedience and his anger is cruel. But Jesus the Sweet the Wise, His love is so great for men, that he wants to save them after all, for this generation is the most hypocritical and the worst, but because of the inactive priests, and because the day has come when God must judge the world, he gives His Grace to all those who listen to him and proclaim so-blessed those who make his Message known and put into practice. But you, Magdalene, who had the task of transmitting it to the priest, listen to him and correspond to him. Stay in the peace that Jesus has given you; meditate in your hearts and pray, pray, for Jesus weeps over the degradation of His Church”

The archangel disappears; then the rays that surrounded the Most Holy.


Friday, December 2, 1977, in the chapel

After the Light, the rays come out of the Host and I hear a voice that says to me:

“Do you want to have the kindness to give your manuscripts to the priest appointed by man!?” (1)

That’s what I did.

(1) The man who appointed the new parish priest is Bishop Dom Badré, named so because of his refusal to obey Christ who demanded, on December 21, 1972, that Father L’Horset not leave his parish (see sixth apparition).


Friday, February 3, 1978, at 18:15

I was in the Chapel in the afternoon, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., to worship Jesus. I returned there at 5:30 p.m. after I gave the snack to my children returning from school. I think I was attracted to the Chapel at the time. I hear it play 6:15 in the church. There is only one elderly person, Mrs. L.

I rejoice in joy, for I see a Light that takes the whole place of the Most Holy, as at other times, that is, there is no more Holy, no altar.

Jesus then appears to me, with his hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. I was so happy because I hadn’t seen Jesus in person since January 2, 1976 (end of the novena).

Jesus says to me:

“Make the sign of the cross”

He lifts his eyes to the sky, puts his hands together at the height of His breast and says:

“In the name of My Father of Heaven, I come to put order. Satan seduces you. After the ninth day of the promises I made to mankind, he came to sowe confusion in My Message. But listen to this well”:

Jesus looks at me:

“When God the Father sends the blessed Michael, the Light always precedes his coming and remembers My Words: “Evil spirits will come in My Name, who will seduce you and come even in your homes as angels of light. Don’t believe them, they lead you to error. Be attentive; behold, you are warned. You live the time when Satan is unleashed with all his might; but time is too close and I come to overcome evil.”

Then put your hands down like to take me in, and say:

“You Magdalene, who is the only visible sign for My Message, will no longer fall into error. From now on, I order you, make the sign of the cross, as long as a light appears to you.”

Jesus looks at me again, smiles at me and says:

“If it is Satan, at the same moment, everything will disappear.”

Then he smiles at me at length and says:

“Peace remain with you.”

Then come the darkness.

The Sisters had left for Brucourt Mass; I assumed that the doors were locked and I immediately returned home in order to write and locked myself in the bathroom-only this door has key.

I couldn’t write, so much so that I cried. I was seduced by Satan and Jesus, in His great kindness, had come to warn me. How come I didn’t realize that?

Truth is, I wasn’t to blame, since I wasn’t aware. That is why Jesus came to warn me, so as not to fall for the error of Satan’s seduction.

Jesus the Sweet, the Wise, came to save me for His great kindness, His great mercy. He recommends me make the sign of the cross every time a light appears. I’ll never miss it.


Friday, July 7, 1978, in the chapel

The Light appears to me in the place of the Most Holy, a little wider than usual. Then I make the sign of the cross as Jesus had asked me the previous time, and I say:

“If you are Satan, disappear.”

As soon as I made the sign of the cross and said these words, I felt a peace and trust taking hold of me. Jesus then appears, smiles at me and says to me:

“Tell them what you se

(I repeat then very loudwhat I see):

“I see Jesus sitting(1); before Him a Table like the Altar” (but the altar, that of the chapel, was no longer there; it was an all-white Table, like a white stone. On the Table, books were open 6 or 7, I don’t know exactly. Then another Book, also open, that Jesus has in His Hands).

The following says:

“Do you want to be so kind as to say this out loud?”

I repeat each sentence:

“Beware, you all who have concealed the prophetic words that have been delivered to you; the Book that I am holding between My Hands is the Book of Life(2), which My Father has just granted me the power to open and is on this blessed and Sacred Mountain; place he has chosen, which will renew all things. Here you will see the Holy City, the New Jerusalem(3). And behold, the dwelling place of God will appear among you. But then those who fight shall be beat in the chest and refuse to listen to the words that this humble servant has uttered. You whom I have asked to proclaim My Message, you are guilty of leaving the world in ignorance of what must happen soon. Do not support you on your own reason. Why do you fight since I have given you my dogmatic grace? Out of pity, I ask you to listen to Me. My Heart overflows with mercy.”

Jesus gets up. The Table disappears. Smile at me at length, then he says to me:

“Tell the priest and all those who will find what you have just seen and heard; you will remember this all day long”.

Jesus then suddenly disappears and I fall back into the darkness.

(1)- Judgment of the Nations

(2)”Whoever was not inscribed in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire”
(Rev 20:15)

(3) “I saw that I came down from Heaven, from God, the Holy City, a New Jerusalem” “Behold the Tent of God with men; He will dwell with them; they will be their people and He, God- with them, shall be their God” (Rev 21:2-3).


Friday, October 6, 1978

Like almost every day of class, leading my children to school, I go to the chapel to pay a visit to Christ in the tabernacle. I arrive at 9 o’clock; I’m alone. At exactly 9:15, the Light appears to me. I thought I’d go looking for Sister Bruno, but I didn’t have time: Jesus appeared to me, with his hands outstretched to me, as to welcome me. He said to me:

Make the sign of the Cross.”

He always smiles at me. Then he puts his hands together, and with a sad look he says:

“Pray and do penance without fading.”

Your countenance was serious. He says in secret to me:

“For the third time, Magdalene, I ask you to be My apostle, fulfilling the task I asked you. Don’t be sure, you’ll be adamant because of Me. But then children of the Light will rise in this city.”

And after a silence:

“Today you still see Me, but you will not see Me anymore, and yet I will continue to visit you through My Body and My Blood.”

After a break:

“But when this Cross is lifted from the earth, then you will reveal to me, for at that moment I will reveal to the Churches the mysteries that are written in the Book of Life which has just been opened. Tell the bishop what you have just seen and heard.”

Jesus smiles at me and says to me:

“In spite of My pleas, you are not restless. You possess a wisdom that no one here possesses. Your calm ness and silence are the visible signs of My Word in this world where action and audacity dominate. May your face always reflect the invisible presence. I tell you, obey your superior. Only he is in charge in this land to do my Father’s will. But ai departing from the world in danger, because it takes time.”

Then he smiles at me and disappears.

(1)-Magdalene had been given the task of making the message known in dozulé’s 320 homes during the 28th apparition.


Note: the former parish priest of Dozulé, witness of the ectases of Magdalene for 6 years, could not believe in the 45th apparition, in which St Michael authorized any man, even a layman, to make known the message of Christ.

Until this date, only priests and religious were in charge of this apostolic mission.

That is why the Curia insisted with Magdalene to stop the spreading of the message by the laity.

On July 28, 1982, Magdalene decided to make a novena to be enlightened in the decision to be made. On the same day, unknowingly, Father L’Horset also started the same novena.

Nine days later, on August 6, 1982 St. Michael appeared in the Church, preceded by light:

“I salute you. God, by his great kindness, sends me to bear witness to the truth. After the 9 days of promises made to mankind, Satan seduced you until My coming on the first day of the seventh month(1). The roar you heard was Michael, who came down from heaven from near God, to cast out the evil spirit that was chasing you.

That’s why you didn’t see the Light that was present. My copycat, he leaves the earth, but because of the disobedience of the priests.

Jesus gives His grace to all those who spread His Message, for the world should not stay any longer in ignorance of what should happen tomorrow at Dawn(2).

Pray, however, do penance, the moment is very close when the imitator will be trodden”

And it all disappears.

(1)– São Miguel informs Madalena that she was seduced from January 3, 1976 to July 1, 1977. The archangel confirms the authenticity of the 45th, by the presence of the heavenly Light, as Christ himself will say in the 47th apparition: “You will no longer fall into error.” The imitator of St. Michael is the false Saint Michael, the demon in disguise, once appeared to Magdalene, on December 10, 1976.

(2)- “As the dawn spreads over the mountains, a numerous and powerful people” (Joel 2:2), invasion of Gog and Magog announced by Joel “at the dawn” of The Day of Yahweh.”

Source: Resiac Publishing: the secrets of Dozulé Jean stiegler.

From the same author: The Glorious Cross- Sign of the Son of Man, 1984 ed. Resiac

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Title of the original in French: NOUVELLES RÉVELATIONS AVANT L’NA 2000

-Les secrets of Dozulé Éditions Du Rucher 1995

Jean Paul Bertrand, éditeur

Translation: Pe. Michel Cuenot

Declaration: His holiness Pope Paul VI confirmed on October 14, 1966, the decree promulgated by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under number 58/16 (AAS) allowing the publication of the writings relating to supernatural apparitions, even without the obstat nihil of ecclesiastical authority, provided that it is in accordance with the doctrine of the Church and under his Judgment.